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Warriors vs Raptors Game 2 Betting Lines, Spread, Odds and Prop Bets for 2019 NBA Finals

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Boston Celtics At Golden State Warriors Pick: NBA Betting Odds Against The Spread For March 8th

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Live betting has been the most profitable way of betting on soccer for me.

This isn’t for anyone who doesn’t have discipline. You have to watch a game and try finding value bets. If you don’t find a value bet, you can’t force one. You have to stick to the plan and follow it. Some games, you’ll find a value bet. Some games, you won’t.
Live betting is where it’s at. It doesn’t matter how many past stats you look up, how many hours of research you put into a bet, or how big of a lock it is. At the end of the day, football is football and anything can happen.
I find that the best way to profit is to find live bets where you think the bookmaker isn’t offering the correct line or you’re getting good value either based on the line/odds.
For example, I was watching city play the other day and they were 2-0 up by 35th minute. The live over for the game was 3.5 and I was pretty confident that city would score at least two more the way they were playing. If the team they were playing against scored, it would also help the bet.
So i took that and it was 5-0. Just an example. But yea watch games life and try to read the game. See if it’s tight/open to bet on oveunder. Or see which team is playing better to bet on ML/Spread.
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (0-0) vs Miami Heat (0-0) [Game 1] - August 18th, 2020

Home Team Aug 18th, 2020 Away Team
0-0 0-0
Pacers Heat
Time: 4:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+4.5 +168 216

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Aaron Holiday • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
HeatPG - Goran Dragic • SG - Duncan Robinson • SF - Jimmy Butler • PF - Jae Crowder • C - Bam Adebayo


Pacers • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL)
Heat • Derrick Jones Jr. - Questionable (Neck Strain) • KZ Opala - Out (Personal Reasons) • Gabe Vincent - Out (Right Shoulder Sprain)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (0-3) vs Miami Heat (3-0)

Home Team Aug 10th, 2020 Away Team
3-0 0-3
Heat Pacers
Time: 6:30PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+6 +195 216.5

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Victor Oladipo • SF - Justin Holiday • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
HeatPG - Goran Dragic • SG - Duncan Robinson • SF - Jimmy Butler • PF - Jae Crowder • C - Bam Adebayo


Pacers • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot)
Heat • Jae Crowder - Questionable (Left Ankle Sprain) • Andre Iguodala - Questionable (Left Hip Soreness) • Derrick Jones Jr. - Questionable (Left Ankle Sprain) • Chris Silva - Questionable (Left Groin Strain) • KZ Okpala - Out (Personal Reasons) • Gabe Vincent - Out (Right Shoulder Sprain)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (0-1) vs Miami Heat (1-0) - August 20th, 2020

Home Team Aug 20th, 2020 Away Team
0-1 1-0
Pacers Heat
Time: 1:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+4.5 +160 215

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Aaron Holiday • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
HeatPG - Goran Dragic • SG - Duncan Robinson • SF - Jimmy Butler • PF - Jae Crowder • C - Bam Adebayo


Pacers • Victor Oladipo - Questionable Available (Eye) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL)
Heat • Jae Crowder - Questionable Available (Left Ankle Sprain) • KZ Opala - Out (Personal Reasons) • Gabe Vincent - Out (Right Shoulder Sprain)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (43-27) vs Miami Heat (43-27), August 10th, 2020. 8PM

Home Team Aug 10th, 2020 Away Team
43-27 43-27
Heat Pacers
Time: 8:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+4 +142 221

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Aaron Holiday • SG - Malcolm Brogdon • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
HeatPG - Goran Dragic • SG - Duncan Robinson • SF - Jimmy Butler • PF - Derrick Jones Jr. • C - Bam Adebayo


Pacers • TJ Warren - Questionable Will Play (Sore Right Foot) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot)
Heat • Jimmy Butler - Questionable Will Play (Sore Right Foot) • Goran Dragic - Questionable Will Play (Left Ankle Sprain) • Kendrick Nunn - Out (Not With Team - Self Isolating) • KZ Okpala - Out (Personal Reasons)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (42-27) vs Los Angeles Lakers (51-17), August 8th, 2020. 6PM

Home Team Aug 8th, 2020 Away Team
42-27 51-17
Pacers Lakers
Time: 6:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+8 +275 -

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Aaron Holiday • SG - Malcolm Brogdon • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
LakersPG - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope • SG - Danny Green • SF - LeBron James • PF - Anthony Davis • C - JaVale McGee


Pacers • Doug McDermott - Questionable (Sore Right Knee) • TJ Warren - Questionable (Sore Right Foot) • Myles Tuner - Questionable (Sprained Left Ankle) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot)
Lakers • Alex Caruso - Questionable (Left Neck Muscle Spasms) • LeBron James - Questionable Will Play (Sore Right Groin) • Rajon Rondo - Out (Right Thumb Surgery)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (39-26) vs Philadelphia 76ers (39-26), August 1st, 2020

Home Team Aug 1st, 2020 Away Team
39-26 39-26
Sixers Pacers
Time: 7:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds (updated 12:45 PM)
Spread ML O/U
+6 +220 220

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Aaron Holiday • SG - Malcolm Brogdon Justin Holiday • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
SixersPG - Shake Milton • SG - Josh Richardson • SF - Tobias Harris • PF - Ben Simmons • C - Joel Embiid


Pacers • Malcolm Brogdon - Questionable OUT (Neck Pain) • Goga Bitadze - Out (Knee) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot)
Sixers • Glenn Robinson III - Doubtful (Hip Pointer)
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5 Strategies in Quant Trading Algorithms

Hey everyone, I am a former Wall Street trader and quant researcher. When I was preparing for my own interviews, I have noticed the lack of accurate information and so I will be providing my own perspectives. One common pattern I see is people building their own algorithm by blindly fitting statistical methods such as moving averages onto data.
I have published this elsewhere, but have copy pasted it entirely below for you to read to keep it in the spirit of the sub rules. Edit: Removed link.

What it was like trading on Wall Street

Right out of college, I began my trading career at an electronic hedge fund on Wall Street. Several friends pitched trading to me as being a more disciplined version of wallstreetbets that actually made money. After flopping several initial interviews, I was fortunate to land a job at a top-tier firm of the likes of Jane Street, SIG, Optiver and IMC.
On my first day, I was instantly hooked.
My primary role there was to be a market maker. To explain this, imagine that you are a merchant. Suppose you wanted to purchase a commodity such as an apple. You would need to locate an apple seller and agree on a fair price. Market makers are the middle-men that cuts out this interaction by being always willing to buy or sell at a given price.
In finance lingo, this is called providing liquidity to financial exchanges. At any given moment, you should be confident to liquidate your position for cash. To give a sense of scale, tens of trillions in dollars are processed through these firms every year.
My time trading has been one of the most transformative periods of my life. It not only taught me a lot of technical knowledge, but it also moulded me to be a self-starter, independent thinker, and hard worker. I strongly recommend anyone that loves problem solving to give trading a shot. You do not need a mathematics or finance background to get in.
The trading culture is analogous to professional sports. It is a zero sum game where there is a clear defined winner and loser — you either make or lose money. This means that both your compensation and job security is highly dependent on your performance. For those that are curious, the rough distribution of a trader’s compensation based on performance is a tenth of the annual NBA salary.
There is a mystique about trading in popular media due to the abstraction of complicated quantitative models. I will shed light on some of the fundamental principles rooted in all trading strategies, and how they might apply to you.


One way traders make money is through an arbitrage or a risk free trade. Suppose you could buy an apple from Sam for $1, and then sell an apple to Megan at $3. A rational person would orchestrate both legs of these trades to gain $2 risk free.
Arbitrages are not only found in financial markets. The popular e-commerce strategy of drop-shipping is a form of arbitrage. Suppose you find a tripod selling on AliExpress at $10. You could list the same tripod on Amazon for $20. If someone buys from you, then you could simply purchase the tripod off AliExpress and take home a neat $10 profit.
The same could be applied to garage sales. If you find a baseball card for $2 that has a last sold price on EBay for $100, you have the potential to make $98. Of course this is not a perfect arbitrage as you face the risk of finding a buyer, but the upside makes this worthwhile.

Positive expected value bets

Another way traders make money is similar to the way a casino stacks the odds in their favour. Imagine you flip a fair coin. If it lands on heads you win $3, and if it lands on tails you lose $1. If you flip the coin only once, you may be unlucky and lose the dollar. However in the long run, you are expected to make a positive profit of $1 per coin flip. This is referred to as a positive expected value bet. Over the span of millions of transactions, you are almost guaranteed to make a profit.
This exact principle is why you should never gamble in casino games such as roulette. These games are all negative expected value bets, which guarantees you to lose money over the long run. Of course there are exceptions to this, such as poker or card counting in black jack.
The next time you walk into a casino, make a mental note to observe the ways it is designed to keep you there for as long as possible. Note the lack of windows and the maze like configurations. Even the free drinks and the cheap accommodation are all a farce to keep you there.

Relative Pricing

Relative pricing is a great strategy to use when there are two products that have clear causal relationships. Let us consider an apple and a carton of apple juice. Suppose there have a causal relationship where the carton is always $9 more expensive than the apple. The apple and the carton is currently trading at $1 and $10 respectively.
If the price of the apple goes up to $2, the price is not immediately reflected on the carton. There will always be a time lag. It is also important to note that there is no way we can determine if the apple is trading at fair value or if its overpriced. So how do we take advantage of this situation?
If we buy the carton for $10 and sell the apple for $2, we have essentially bought the ‘spread’ for $8. The spread is fairly valued at $9 due to the causal relationship, meaning we have made $1. The reason high frequency trading firms focus so much on latency in the nanoseconds is to be the first to scoop up these relative mispricing.
This is the backbone for delta one strategies. Common pairs that are traded against each other includes ETFs and their inverse counterpart, a particular stock against an ETF that contains the stock, or synthetic option structures.


Correlations are mutual connections between two things. When they trend in the same direction they are said to have a positive correlation, and the vice versa is true for negative correlations. A popular example of positive correlation is the number of shark attacks with the number of ice-cream sales. It is important to note that shark attacks do not cause ice-cream sales.
Often times there are no intuitive reason for certain correlations, but they still work. The legendary Renaissance Technologies sifted through petabytes of historical data to find profitable signals. For instance, good morning weather in a city tended to predict an upward movement in its stock exchange. One could theoretically buy stock on the opening and sell at noon to make a profit.
One important piece of advice is to disregard any retail trader selling a course to you, claiming that they have a system. These are all scams. At best, these are bottom of the mill signals that are hardly profitable after transaction costs. It is also unlikely that you have the system latency, trading experience or research capabilities to do this on your own. It is possible, but very difficult.

Mean reversions

Another common strategy traders rely on is mean reversion trends. In the options world the primary focus is purchasing volatility when it is cheap compared to historical values, and vice versa. Buying options is essentially synonymous with buying volatility. Of course, it is not as simple as this so don’t go punting your savings on Robinhood using this strategy.
For most people, the most applicable mean reversion trend is interest rates. These tend to fluctuate up and down depending on if the central banks want to stimulate saving or spending. As global interest rates are next to zero or negative, it may be a good idea to lock in this low rate for your mortgages. Again, consult with a financial advisor before you do anything.
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (42-26) vs Phoenix Suns (29-39) - August 6th, 2020

Home Team Aug 6th, 2020 Away Team
29-39 42-26
Suns Pacers
Time: 4:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
-3 -144 228.5

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Aaron Holiday • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
SunsPG - Ricky Rubio • SG - Devin Booker • SF - Mikal Bridges • PF - Cameron Johnson • C - Deandre Ayton


Pacers • Doug McDermott - Out (Sore Right Knee) • Malcolm Brogdon - Questionable Available (Neck) • Goga Bitadze - Questionable Available (Left Knee) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL)
Suns • Kelly Oubre Jr. - Out (Right Knee Rehab)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (41-26) vs Orlando Magic (32-35) - August 4th, 2020

Home Team Aug 4th, 2020 Away Team
41-26 32-35
Pacers Magic
Time: 6:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+1.5 +102 225.5

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Malcolm Brogdon • SG - Aaron Holiday • SF - Victor Oladipo • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
MagicPG - D.J. Augustin • SG - Evan Fournier • SF - James Ennis III • PF - Aaron Gordon • C - Nikola Vucevic


Pacers • Goga Bitadze - Questionable Available (Knee) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL)
Magic • Al-Farouq Aminu - Out (Torn Right Meniscus) • Jonathan Isaac - Out (Torn Right ACL)
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Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (40-26) vs Washington Wizards (24-42) - August 3rd, 2020

Home Team Aug 3rd, 2020 Away Team
24-42 40-26
Wizards Pacers
Time: 4:00PM
Game Preview
Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
-6.5 -275 227.5

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Aaron Holiday • SG - Mcconnell/Sumner • SF - Justin Holiday • PF - T.J. Warren • C - Myles Turner
WizardsPG - Shabazz Napier • SG - Troy Brown Jr. • SF - Isaac Bonga • PF - Rui Hachimura • C - Thomas Bryant


Pacers • Malcolm Brogdon - Questionable (Neck Pain) • Victor Oladipo - Doubtful (Rest) • Goga Bitadze - Out (Knee) • Domantas Sabonis - Out (Plantar Fasciitis, Left Foot) • Jeremy Lamb - Out (Torn Left ACL)
Wizards • Garrison Matthews - Out (Not with Team)
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Getting High on Money - My Endless Losing Streak

I feel like gambling is getting high on money. I have an addictive personality that lends itself to seemingly every vice - alcohol, drugs, excessive video games, escapism, porn, gambling, smoking. I know they are all wrong and degenerative but I can't stop drifting towards them. Like my mind is pulling me to them against my will.
My "favorite" combo is to get drunk and high and bet on sports. The higher the stakes, the more impact it will have on my stable life, the more intense the overall high. Money is 100% a drug. The racing thoughts of uncertainty keep me up and alert, more effective than some amphetamines I have taken.
Last week my awesome cat died tragically and internally I used it as an excuse to throw some money at the sportsbook again. It started with $100 on some NBA spreads. Here I am one week later after days and nights of chasing losses.
Let me tell you about last night's beat. After near constant Ls all week (variance is a bitch), last night I went deep on the opportunity to get square. One final bet to lose it all or be completely whole on this fucked up week. I live bet under 14.5 on the Dodgers/Padres game and listened to the game as I walked through the city. My stomach churned and churned as the innings grinded away. I have a superstition that you have to actually watch and suffer through the game or its bad luck. It was actually fucking working out and I couldn't believe it. All or nothing gambles are insane, it is like gambling your sanity and soul. Tempt fate as a God or become the losing dog.
The game entered the 9th inning. Dodgers 8, Padres 3. My odds of hitting were probably -1000 or more. My mind compulsively started to celebrate and plan the next steps. Holy shit I finally won! Have to grab some brews. Maybe get a pizza and eat something for the first time all day. After all this, I fucking made it. I can resume my life and be happy again and never gamble again.
Top of the 9th - dodgers bat in FOUR more. Game total 15. I've had some real bad beats before but I literally went cold. Cold in my body and cold in my soul. I had tasted freedom and for a moment I was happy for the first time in a week. I had erased my mistakes. But that's not what fate had in store for me. Once again I am the losing dog. I got high on money and the come down left me dead inside.
I have to be honest. The world feels like a lie today. I feel a little harder today, the edges of the world a little sharper. I threw my money into the wind, and I knew it was a bad idea, and fuck it I did it anyway. I've studied art, music, and literature, but nothing has brought me to this level of contemplating life. I feel like the living example of a commandment being broken. Gambling is a merciless, mathematical black hole.
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Attempt at a Game 5 Breakdown

1st half
The Heat continued with their switching scheme. The Lakers go back to Howard after the 2nd half adjustment last game to replace his minutes with Morris.
The Heat ran a bunch of Butler pick and rolls with a small setting a screen on AD that's so low it's almost a back screen. This first lead to a Butler midranger and then Danny Green completely loses sight of Duncan Robinson for a corner 3. For their part, the Lakers were getting success with a Davis pindown for KCP. This is a particularly effective play since they make sure Bam isn't there to protect the rim. In the second play on the clip, Bam is on LeBron James because they run an early Davis screen to get a quick switch - which also allows him a much easier time getting the offensive board. Really smart construction here by LA. The way the Lakers ran from Miami misses has been outstanding and the biggest difference maker in the 1st.
In a weird rotation choice, they kept Dwight and AD together as LeBron sits and Miami goes small, switching Adebayo by Iguodala. Despite the lack of size, this is a tremendous job to prevent AD getting inside. Those were good minutes for Miami, with fantastic team defense as they continued to put someone on Rondo they can switch in AD pick and rolls and great effort denying him the ball on an entry pass - 9-0 Heat run. Then, in a scary moment after a couple of plays where he shut down Miami penetration, Davis goes down grabbing his ankle as the inaugural quarter winds down. He quickly seemed ready to come back in but for the rest of the night he wouldn’t be the overwhelming defensive force he’d been in game 4. The first quarter ends with Miami up 1.
The Heat forced a bunch of turnovers to start the 2nd quarter and dilating their lead. My adoration for Andre Iguodala is eternal. Note on the first clip how Nunn stayed in the passing lane to LeBron as Butler tries to recover. Kendrick had a really nice stint, including scoring a couple of times over Dwight Howard - he started 4-5 and had 11 points in the first half. Miami started 7-9 in the 2nd and though they were scoring well on midrangers, they were getting very good looks (specially whenever AD wasn't on the court). Many were generated by a surprisingly effective small-small pick and roll with Butler and Nunn. Butler was used a lot more as a screener in game 4 and that seemed to continue to be a theme here in game 5.
There were a couple of plays where I felt LeBron guarding Bam actually allowed for a good look at the rim because James was coming up to meet the driver enough for the drop off. If it's AD in that position he can kinda cover both options due to his unreal size and speed combination but in this case either they have to meet the player at the rim or someone needs to slide in and sink.
Miami really seemed in a groove and this was the second time LeBron James had to save a possession with a 3 pointer. Continuing his dominant game 4 second half play, LeBron scored 11 points just in the first half of the 2nd quarter. He would finish the half shooting 9-11 from the field.
The final stretch sees the pace rise as AD moves up to the 5, LA played multiple transition possessions and this team grows from that feedback loop like no other. As LeBron continues to be unstoppable on the open floor, this is one of many plays that makes me think Bam's is far from 100%. His finishing is a lot softer compared to what we've seen pre-injury. 8-0 run and the lead was cut to a one possession affair. Rondo has 3 consecutive possessions where he just goes at Kendrick Nunn because the option to switch those pick and rolls with AD doesn't exist with that matchup.
Unlikely back-to-back 3 pointers from AD and then a Butler responde keep the game with a 4 point difference for Miami at the half. "Jimmy Buckets" scored or assisted on 38 of the 60 points Miami had in the first half.
2nd half
The game gets very sticky in the early second half and both teams were fully relying on their respective leading man. It was now KCP's turn to forget about Duncan Robinson in the corner but LeBron responds immediately - James is refusing to let this game out of his hands. At this point, I was only 50/50 on him punching a teammate before the game is over. Butler had a huge couple of offensive rebounds, for what was basically a 6-point possession. The ankle might not be healthy but this is still over Anthony Davis.
Both teams go to their small lineups, the match up that the Lakers thrived in at the end of the previous quarter, but the final few minutes of the third were such a cavalcade of non-sense that I don't have any proper commentary to offer. It culminantes with Kuzma outraged by the fact jumping chest first into a shooter is considered a foul. The Heat enter the final quarter ahead by 6.
In the early 4th, with AD resting, Miami tries to get Bam going a bit by running more offense through him, to decent results. Vogel understands the urgency and brings back Davis off the bench. Initially, the Lakers once again fall into multiple possessions resulting in turnovers, including back-to-back incidents by LeBron. However, after a timeout momentum switched again with LA's defense looking much sharper - Any play they can force an isolation on Davis is a win and they got it a number of times. LeBron does a good job recognising the mismatch and switching with Caruso before Butler can post up. The Lakers finally regained the lead after a big shot by KCP, on a catch and shoot 3, capping a 15-3 run in only 4 minutes.
With Herro back on the floor, Miami's response comes out of Butler's defensive efforts. If you want to see the effect Herro and Robinson can produce when near each other just watch Caruso screen KCP, who was caught sleeping. In these last couple of clips you can see the main strategy both teams were adopting: LeBron hunting a switch on Duncan Robinson (with Butler hedging and recovering to avoid it); Jimmy getting AD away from him in a switch to go at Marcus Morris. The game was tied at 101 with 2 minutes remaining.
Impossible not to admire LeBron James, 35 years old and with the tank on reserve, going 1 on 1 against Crowder and getting the and-1. Watching him and Butler, clearly exhausted, trading bucket for bucket in this old-school rock fight was making my heart race.
After an Anthony Davis offensive board to a tip-in and the shot clock is turned off, Butler draws the foul at the rim on AD - was I the only one whose heart stopped when I saw LeBron caught on the flat screen and Morris guessed the wrong side? - and the Lakers have 16.8 seconds to overcame a 1 point deficit and clinch a title. They advance the ball with their last timeout, the Heat double LeBron and play the odds allowing a wide open 3 from Danny Green. Icy-Hot misses the potential title-winning shot and Morris throws it out of bounds trying the lob pass to AD. You wonder to what extent Miami was always willing to give Green a shot since they had Duncan Robinson guarding him and James was clearly going to try to attack him on a screening action. Morris tried a tough lob instead of just handing another wide open 3 to Danny Green or hitting LeBron on the wing. But being a 1 point game (and probably expecting Bam to go and try to front Davis), I can also understand the desperation to get the ball near the rim. Still, you can tell Morris also felt the pressure of that decision.
This was absolutely incredible - the type of game NBA Finals are remembered by. LeBron had 40 points (6-9 from deep!), 13 boards and 7 assists that could have been many more. He was UNREAL and they still couldn't clinch it. Butler played 47-fucking-minutes and was 35-12-11 with 5 steals and 5 offensive rebounds. Both teams had one S-tier performance and one injured big, who’s the teams’ second best player, looking like lesser versions of themselves. But then the difference becomes stark when you look at the rest of each squad: The Heat played only 7 guys, entirely eliminating Hill, Olynik and DJJ from the rotation. Nunn, Iguodala and Robinson all had their moments to shine; LA's bench shot 1-11 from 3 and Dwight had an abysmal game - they basically got only scraps from any role player that wasn’t KCP.
The Heat shot over 40% from deep and the Lakers numbers were close on that department but exclusively because LeBron managed 6 for 9. Only 3/10 from the corner 3 for LA and Miami hit 7/13 on long midrangers - if one of those stats falls towards normal levels it is enough to see the game swing on another direction. But being real, all it would've taken was one wide open above the break 3 going in at the end. Speaking of those Miami midrangers, Butler being able to pull up from there and hitting 5-7 from that range (including a couple over Anthony Davis) is the perfect way to punish a demesne that's constantly going over on you.
The Lakers were as incredibly dominant in transition as they are expected to be. They had an offensive rating of 175 running from live rebounds and won the fast break points "fight" 25 to 4. Getting that type of stylistic advantage go your way and LeBron James playing such an incredible game, losing this feels like Butler and the Heat grinded out a miracle.
This hasn't changed the most likely outlook - I will still bet on LeBron with him only needing 1 win out of 2 games - but it did a couple of things for the Heat: Jimmy Butler's place on the pantheon of this league has shifted after these 2 wins on the biggest stage and Miami, despite Bam looking a shell of himself and Dragic not available, have proven themselves every bit the great team and every bit the finalist we believed they were after running through the East. I’ve certainly changed my tune and am now taking this series game by game.
Other Notes
AD looked a lot less like himself because of his injury. Bam might be cleared but it's no accident he's blowing layups like is cosplaying me in pick up games. Let's hope both of them can physically recover for game 6.
Dwight got very agitated early on. Arguing with the ref, double-T with Jimmy and a bone-headed inbound pass straight to Miami with a 3-2 scenario - and that's all in the 1st quarter. In the early 3rd, he gets caught guarding no one and Crowder got an open corner 3, to the desperation of LeBron James. He would also commit the most obvious flagrant foul possible on Butler after an offensive board. Should I just call this section the "Bill-Simmons-is-right-on-Dwight highlight reel"?
When people want Butler to be more aggressive, this is what they're complaining about. Either that pass comes sooner so KCP can't close out or you just attack the rim as hard as you can. No hesitation. I will give credit to KCP though - fantastic job first getting himself in between Butler and Herro and then sprinting for the close out without biting in the pump fake.
Miami ran a few times a horns set with Herro and Robinson coming in as screeners but I didn’t think they actually generated any good offense from those. I prefer when they tried to overload the weak side with both Herro and Robinson both running off ball because it will inevitably create some sort of breakdown.
“Bam, spread out... No, Bam... BAM! NOT YOU. If you set the screen they'll switch Bron on me”
LeBron is awesome at making the guys coming out from the handoffs uncomfortable. He constantly makes Herro second-guess himself... And Tyler Herro never saw a shot he didn't like.
Duncan Robinson got a coupe of strips on smart doubles. His help defense was pretty solid throughout.
If "Playoff Rondo" is a thing, can I propose "Finals Pope”? He’s also the only guy this game Duncan Robinson really had to work to create separation from.
I'll finish with my reminder I'd rather listen to a feed that's just the amplified squeals of sneakers on the court than Mark Jackson's "insights".
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Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals Game 5 - Analysis, Predictions, Odds, Betting Trends & Prop Action + $1000 Deposit Bonus Offer!

Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals Game 5 - Analysis, Predictions, Odds, Betting Trends & Prop Action + $1000 Deposit Bonus Offer!
Promo Code \"THEMAC\"

Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals Game 5 - Analysis, Predictions, Odds, Betting Trends & Prop Action + $1000 Deposit Bonus Offer!

Written by Lester Cullen on October 7, 2020
Friday’s matchup (October 9, 2020) between the Los Angeles Lakers (52-19, 15-4) and the Miami Heat (44-29, 13-6) features the Lakers as strong 7.5-point favorites. The game’s oveunder is 217. The clash between these two teams is the NBA’s only action on the day. Tip-off for Game 5 of the NBA finals is scheduled for 9:00 PM ET at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Reunion, Florida.
Put some cash on the Lakers like a mover or bet the Heat like a shaker!

Los Angeles has taken five of its six head-to-head meetings with Miami this season, could this be the spirit of Kobe helping the Lakers??..The Heat hold a 4-2 edge against the spread when matched up with the Lakers.

Head to Head

Date Favorite Spread Total Favorite Moneyline Underdog Moneyline Result
10/6/2020 Lakers -7.5 218.5 -336 272 102-96 LAL
10/4/2020 Lakers 9.5 219.5 -455 345 115-104 MIA
10/2/2020 Lakers 10.5 216.5 -625 463 124-114 LAL
9/30/2020 Lakers 4.5 217.5 -196 162 116-98 LAL
12/13/2019 Lakers 5.5 212.5 -233 292 113-110 LAL
11/8/2019 Lakers 8 218 -340 272 95-80 LAL
Lester's Breakdown -
The 102-96 victory on Tuesday puts the Lakers one win away from a championship. LeBron James dominated Miami's weaker defenders, using pick-and-rolls to finish with 28 points on 8-for-16 shooting, plus 12 rebounds and eight assists. Davis had 22 points on 8-for-16 shooting, with nine rebounds, four assists and four blocks. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had 15 points on 6-for-12 shooting, including a crucial layup late in the fourth quarter. Los Angeles took a 3-1 lead despite the return of Bam Adebayo. The Heat center had 15 points on 6-for-8 shooting and seven rebounds in 33 minutes in his first game back from a neck injury. Jimmy Butler had 22 points on 8-for-17 shooting, with eight assists, 10 rebounds and three steals. Miami was down by two points with three minutes left, then Butler missed a 3 and Caldwell-Pope hit a 3 in transition. The Heat shot 11 for 32 from 3-point range and just couldn't get it done.
Game 5 is Friday and Lester has 3 takeaways from Tuesday night's action:
Through 3 quarters, the Heat were shooting like a bunch of beach bum basketball boys (22 for 57, and 6 for 25 from deep), they made 22 out 24 free throws, as if the refs weren't responsible for that...yeah right...and they played their defensive game like they were getting bullied before lunch. Los Angeles had not done much damage in transition or on the offensive glass, and had shot just 7 for 9 from the free throw line, hitting 3s (12 for 28) and making Miami work. After a messy first quarter, the Lakers had cleaned up their turnover issues. The fourth quarter, was a different story, The Heat went just 1 for 2 from the line, and the Lakers went 11 for 12 -- LBJ made all 7 of his attempts.

Lakers Betting Information

  • Los Angeles and its opponents have reached the oveunder in just 43 of 90 games this season (47.8%).
  • Los Angeles is solid against the spread, going 46-42-2 on the season.
  • The Lakers have posted a losing record of 18-19-1 against the spread when the spread is -7.5 or bigger.
Think the Lakers can win the NBA Championship???

Heat Betting Information

  • Miami has combined with its opponents to hit the over in 55.4% of matchups this season (51 out of 92 contests).
  • Miami has a 50-38-3 record against the spread, covering in 54.9% of their contests.
  • When they are 7.5-point underdogs, the Heat have a record ATS of 6-2.
Want to throw some money away and bet on the Heat to win the NBA Championship??

Point Total Analysis Games Over 217 % of Games Over 217 Average PPG Combined Average PPG Average Opponent PPG Combined Average Opponent PPG Average Total
Lakers 54 60% 113.4 225.2 107.4 216.3 220.8
Heat 55 59.8% 111.8 225.2 225.2 216.3 220.7
Lakers Leaders
  • Anthony Davis leads the Lakers in scoring (26.1 points per game) and rebounding (9.3 rebounds per game).
  • The squad is led in assists by LeBron James’ 10.2 per game.
  • James knocks down 2.2 threes per game to lead the Lakers.
  • Davis leads Los Angeles in both blocks and steals, averaging 2.3 blocks and 1.5 steals per game.
Heat Leaders
  • The Heat go-to guy, Jimmy Butler, leads the team in both scoring (19.9 points per game) and assists (6.0 assists per game).
  • Bam Adebayo collects all of the boards and is the Miami leader in rebounds, getting 10.2 per game.
  • Nobody on Miami grabs more steals than Butler (1.8 per game) or blocks more shots than Adebayo (1.3 per game).
  • Duncan Robinson makes more threes per game than any other member of the Heat, cashing in 3.7 treys per game.
Bet Smart and watch the Live Lines for opportunity here Free Plays + Props + Future Bets
1st Quarter - Miami Heat -2.5 (+265)
Total Points O/U - First Half - Under 100.5 (+330)
Odd/Even Total Points - Even -115
Highest scoring half - 2nd +120
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10/07 - Chiefs vs. Raiders Betting Lines, Trends and Predictions from

10/07 - Chiefs vs. Raiders Betting Lines, Trends and Predictions from

Promo Code \"THEMAC\"

10/07 - Chiefs vs. Raiders Betting Lines, Trends and Predictions from

Chiefs vs. Raiders Line and Betting Trends October 11, 2020
Written by Lester Cullen on October 7, 2020
The Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) are 13.5-point favorites as they look to continue their four-game winning streak in a matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders (2-2) on Sunday, October 11, 2020 at Arrowhead Stadium. An oveunder of 56.0 is set for the game.

Game Info:

  • Game Day: Sunday, October 11, 2020
  • Game Time: 1:00 PM ET
  • TV Channel: CBS
  • Location: Kansas City, MO
  • Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium
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Chiefs Betting Insights

  • Kansas City has compiled a 3-1 record against the spread this season.
  • Just three of Kansas City’s four games this year have gone over the point total (25% of its opportunities).
  • The Chiefs average points scored this season (29.2) and the Raiders points allowed (30) are within 0.8 points of each other.
  • When they meet or outpace their scoring average this season, Kansas City is 2-0 and 2-0 against the spread.
  • Las Vegas is 2-1 overall and 2-1 against the spread this season in games where they allow fewer than 30 points.
Click here to pony up on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl

Raiders Betting Insights

  • Each of Las Vegas’ four games this year have gone over the point total .
  • Las Vegas is 2-2 against the spread.
  • The Raiders have averaged 10.3 more points this season (27.8) than the Chiefs have allowed (17.5).
  • When they meet or exceed their scoring average this season, Las Vegas is 2-0 and 2-0 against the spread.
  • Kansas City is 1-0 overall and 1-0 against the spread this season in games where they allow fewer than 17.5 points.
Click here to blow your money on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl

Total Stats:

  • In 0% of their opportunities this season (zero of four chances), the Chiefs and their opponents have combined to record more than this matchup’s point total of 56.0 points.
  • The Raiders and their opponents have combined to score more than 56.0 points in 75% of their matchups this year (three of four opportunities).
  • The two teams average a combined 1.0 more point per game (57) than this matchup’s oveunder of 56.0 points.
  • The Chiefs and the Raiders have seen their opponents average a combined 8.5 fewer points per game than the point total of 56.0 set in this outing.
  • The average total the Chiefs have had set in games this season is 9.2 fewer points than this outing’s point total.
  • The average point total for the Raiders this year is 1.8 points higher than this game’s oveunder.
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Chiefs vs Raiders: Last 5 Meetings

In the last five meetings between these two teams, Kansas City has a 5-0 advantage over Las Vegas. In those games against the Raiders, the Chiefs have a 2-0 record against the spread. Kansas City has had the scoring advantage in those five matchups, totaling 169 points while Las Vegas notched 70.

Betting Insights: Last Three Games (Both Teams)

  • Kansas City is 2-1 against the spread and 3-0 straight up over their last three contests.
  • Kansas City has hit under the total three times in their last three contests.
  • The Chiefs average total over the last three games is 11.7 points fewer than the 56.0 total given for this matchup.
  • Las Vegas has struggled to cover recently, going 1-2 against the spread and 1-2 straight up in their last three outcomes.
  • Las Vegas has hit the over three times in their last three contests.
  • The Raiders total over the last three games is 0.3 points fewer than the 56.0 oveunder listed for this matchup.

Injury Report

Chiefs: CB Bashaud Breeland: Out (Suspension), NT Chris Jones: Questionable (Groin), OT Martinas Rankin: Out (Knee), NT Khalen Saunders: Out (Elbow), CB Alex Brown: Out (Torn Acl), QB Jordan Ta’amu: Out (Illness), DB L’Jarius Sneed: Out (Collarbone), DE MIke Danna: Questionable (Hamstring)
Raiders: DT Maliek Collins: Questionable (Shoulder), RB Jalen Richard: Questionable (Ankle), FS Lamarcus Joyner: Questionable (Ribs), DT Maurice Hurst: Out (), G Richie Incognito: Out (Achilles), QB Marcus Mariota: Questionable (Undisclosed), TE Nick O’Leary: Out (Heart), OT Trent Brown: Questionable (Calf), WR Tyrell Williams: Out (Shoulder), DT Daniel Ross: Out (Foot), WR Marcell Ateman: Out (Undisclosed), WR Rico Gafford: Questionable (Hamstring), WR Henry Ruggs III: Questionable (Knee), WR Bryan Edwards: Questionable (Ankle), LB Tanner Muse: Out (Toe), CB Damon Arnette: Out (Thumb) Predictions and Special Prop Picks -

1st Quarter - Raiders +4 (-120)
Total Points O/U - Las Vegas Raiders Over 20.5 (-115)
First offensive play of the game - Run (-165)
Race To 40 - Chiefs (+220)
Odd/Even Total Points - Even (-110)
Super Bowl 55 Winner - Kansas City Chiefs (+325)
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$300 Deposit Bonus at XBet
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Why do you guys bet on spreads? Is the value really worth it over the long run? I just really find them to be stupid.

every day when I go into a game thread it’s filled with people bitching about losing bets on the spread.
I’m a simple guy. If my team wins, my bet wins, if they lose, I lose. I don’t want to lose money over silly variance, garbage time baskets, or missed free throws. It’s so silly, it’s also a good way to stress yourself over an entire game.
Honestly rather parlay ML to get similar odds than betting spread.
Why would anyone still do this when it’s clear it doesn’t bring people much success? Unless people really find success over the long run betting on spreads? I find it much easier to go on the ML to win the same amount.
If I lose the ML, I find making the money back a lot easier by going on a good streak than relying on spreads and just losing and losing.
Idk man, if you have the bankroll for it, Just go ML. I’ve been making good money off nba and then I go into the thread and it’s all “nba betting sucks”
And before you tell me to just wait, I’ve been gambling daily for 3 years now.
submitted by The09 to sportsbook [link] [comments]

Best Gambling Strategy For Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling there is. People just love to bet on their favorite sports, and they do it for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes people just like to bet on their favorite teams, because they see it as another way of supporting their team and being loyal to them. Sometimes people just bet on sports for the money. They don't pick a team because they like it; rather, they pick a team because they like it's odds of winning and making money for them.
But it really doesn't matter what your reason may be for betting on sports. This article has several tips which I have outlined in order to help you improve your chances of winning some money out of sports betting. These hints and tips will show you when, where, and how to wager properly, to be able to enjoy more winnings from your online gaming experience.
  1. Manage your money. Learning how to manage your money properly is undeniably one of the most important factors in sports betting. However, this is also one of the most neglected aspects of gambling, whether online or not. Simply put, don't go all out and bet your entire bankroll on one game. It may surprise you to learn that this happens more often than not. Sure, you can win a lot by betting $1,000 compared to $100, but you also stand to lose all your money in just one game. If you spread it out, your chances of winning will also improve.
  2. Don't drink and gamble. We all know the maxim, "Don't drink and drive", right? Well, this also applies to gambling. Have you ever wondered why casinos are so easy on the drinks? They like to serve free alcohol to their patrons, specifically because they want you to loosen up and not think straight. Alcohol messes up your judgment in a really bad way, especially after you've had a few. Just remember this: the casinos want to take your money away from you. If giving you a few shots of whisky will make it easier for them, then that's precisely what they'll do.
  3. Study hard. No, this has nothing to do with schoolwork. But you still have to read up on all the important information on the sports and teams you will bet your money on. Think about it for a second. If you have absolutely no idea about what's been happening around the league (NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.), how would you make the right choice when it comes to laying down your money? Yes, gambling is not a sure thing, but the more you know, the more you're likely to make a good bet.
  4. Take your time. Veteran sports bettors usually make it a point to bet on the underdogs, and usually they will make their bets early on. The beginners will usually bet on the favorites, and they'll place their bets later in the day. Now, if you're looking to wager some money on the underdog, try placing your bets as late as you possibly can, when the amateurs are placing their own bets. If you want to bet on a favorite, try to do it early, when the pros are betting.
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Celtics vs Heat Game 2, NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game Betting Odds & Trends

Celtics vs Heat Game 2, NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game Betting Odds & Trends

Celtics vs Heat Game 2, NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game Betting Odds & Trends - September 16, 2020
NBA News and Rumors
Celtics - Heat Game 2 Breakdown
Boston (48-24, 8-4) is a slim 2-point favorite against Miami (44-29, 9-1) when the Celtics face off against the Heat on Thursday (September 17, 2020). The oveunder is 208.5 points for the game. The battle between these two teams at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Reunion, Florida is the NBA’s only action on the day. Tip-off for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals is scheduled for 7:00 PM ET.
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Head to Head

Boston and Miami have split the four games they’ve played this year. Both the Celtics and the Heat have 2-2 records against the spread in those contests.
Date Favorite Spread Total Favorite Moneyline Underdog Moneyline Result
9/15/2020 Celtics -1.5 209 -123 103 117-114 MIA
8/4/2020 Celtics -4.5 218.5 -123 164 112-106 MIA
1/28/2020 Heat -1.5 219 -199 103 109-101 BOS
12/4/2019 Celtics -5.5 209 -221 180 112-93 BOS

OveUnder Analysis

OveUnder Analysis Games Over 208.5 % of Games Over 208.5 Average PPG Combined Average PPG Average Opponent PPG Combined Average Opponent PPG Average PPG Average Total
Celtics 59 70.2% 112.9 225 106.5 215.1 112.9 219.4
Heat 63 75.9% 112.1 225 108.6 215.1 215.1 220.7

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Celtics Betting Information

  • Boston and its opponents have converted the over just 40 times in 84 (47.6%) games this season.
  • Against the spread, Boston has been strong this season, posting a 48-31-5 record.
  • The Celtics fare well when favored by at least 2 points, posting a 28-20-4 record against the spread.
Click here to bet on the Celtics to win the NBA Championship

Heat Betting Information

  • Miami has covered the spread in more than half of its outings, going 44-35-3 ATS.
  • When they are at least 2-point underdogs, the Heat have fared well, going 12-11-1 against the spread.
  • In most of Miami’s games this year, the teams have combined to hit the over (46 out of 83 games, 55.4%).
Click here to bet on the Heat to win the NBA Championship

Celtics Leaders

  • Jayson Tatum leads the Celtics scoring 23.4 points per game.
  • Enes Kanter paces Boston with 7.4 rebounds per game and Marcus Smart leads the squad with 4.9 assists per contest.
  • Kemba Walker is the top three-point shooter for the Celtics, knocking down 3.2 per game.
  • Boston’s blocks leader is Daniel Theis, who averages 1.3 per game. Smart leads the team averaging 1.7 steals a contest.

Heat Leaders

  • Jimmy Butler has the top spot on the Heat scoring and assist lists, tallying 19.9 points and 6.0 assists per game.
  • Bam Adebayo’s 10.2 rebounds per game paces Miami’s rebounding effort. He also adds 15.9 points per game.
  • Duncan Robinson leads the Heat in shooting from beyond the arc, averaging 3.7 made threes per game.
  • Miami’s Butler has the top spot on the team’s steals leaderboard with 1.8 per game and Adebayo is first in blocks with 1.3 per game.
All Information is for entertainment purposes only!
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09/10 - MAC's NBA Playoff Major Move Alert - Total & Side Tonight!

09/10 - MAC's NBA Playoff Major Move Alert - Total & Side Tonight!

XBet Promo Code - 6Clips

09/10 - MAC's NBA Playoff Major Move Alert - Total & Side Tonight!

Contact: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone: THE RED LINE - (Toll-Free @ 1-844-334-2613)
The Red Line - (Toll-Free @ 1-844-334-2613) - Text The Red Line to get a free exclusive release prediction.
Follow The MAC on Social Media:
MAC Media - Find Betting Bonuses and Free Deposit Matches from top rated sports books on these Reddit Media Pages!
The Reddit Sports Report
The NBABETS Sub-Reddit
(NEW) MAC's Stock Market Tips
There's a reason THE MAC has been dubbed THE PAYMASTER by bookmakers every season, picking games against the spread & sending a signal through the noise!
Los Angeles Lakers +5 vs Houston Rockets -5
Quick Trends:
  • Over is 9-2 in the last 11 meetings in Houston.
  • Lakers are 3-7 ATS in their last 10 games following a straight up win.
  • Lakers are 3-7 ATS in their last 10 Thursday games.
MAC is moving against LBJ as the odds are stacked against him and the Lakers , the Rockets have played 10 playoff games. In seven games, the score was within 5.5 points heading into the fourth quarter.
The notorious playoff buster and his back up singers the Lake-ettes are 5 point favorites on the road and coming off a win. The Rockets are the value move at home getting 5 and Houston has that Joe Rogan energy charging the atmosphere, but the true suspect in tonight's game is the total set at 220. The line is strong but short, opening at 220.5 with a half point drop and sitting heavy at 220. MAC is laying the chips on the over and fading LBJ, taking the 5 is a smart money move and the live odds could give a great chance to hit both sides of the game.
Play: Over 220 (5 UNITS)
Play: Rockets +5 (Shop around for the hook - 3 UNITS)
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Sports Betting: How to Read Point Spreads - YouTube How Do Vegas Sportsbooks Set Lines, Point Spreads and Odds ... NBA predictions and betting odds: Portland is pouring on the points OddsShark Live - YouTube NBA predictions and betting odds for Saturday

Get the latest NBA odds, point spreads, money lines and over/unders for popular sportsbooks and view SportsLine's expert analysis of each upcoming game. When it comes to sports betting lines, you probably are wondering what the lingo of lines, odds, and spreads really mean. Understanding what these terms mean is essential to making proper picks on your favorite teams. For the most part these rules apply to all the main sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and hockey. The NBA odds comparison tool highlights the best spreads, totals and moneylines from the best legal US sportsbooks in the country. We know line-shopping (finding the best lines) can be a drag, especially in a sport that has multiple games nearly every day of the week like the NBA. The underdog "gets" points. The spreads happen this way in the gambling of games. College Football, Baseball and Basketball Betting Odds A money line bet is on a team to win the game outright (with no point spread) at an adjusted cost. The favorite will have negative odds, while the underdog will have positive odds. For example, if LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are heavy favorites against the Chicago Bulls, the Lakers would have a moneyline set at -400. That means bettors would need to place $400 down to win $100 if the Lakers won the game. Favorites are always minus odds in NBA betting odds. Underdogs are plus-odds.

[index] [23047] [65889] [19836] [38971] [64904] [33062] [59986] [31002] [41611] [37709]

Sports Betting: How to Read Point Spreads - YouTube

Nine games are on the NBA odds board Friday night and Monique Vag sizes up those spreads, totals and props for her predictions and NBA picks, including a quick-hitting prop play in Utah where the ... Saturday’s NBA betting board has six games for bettors to dive into. NBA analyst Monique Vag breaks down the NBA betting spreads, totals and props to give you her favorite picks and predictions ... In this video, my brother Mark aka MFA, goes over further into sports betting and looks at the concept of point spreads, and how to read them. A point spread... NBA analyst Monique Vag breaks down the NBA betting spreads, totals and props to give you her favorite picks and predictions on the hardwood Friday night. ... NBA predictions and betting odds ... OddsShark Live Ep 72: Betting the 3-point spread in NFL football, plus NFL and CFL picks! by Odds Shark. ... Trump Big Rally Odds & NBA playoff picks (4.28.17) by Odds Shark.