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[Sports] - Opinion: Clemson's rout of Wake Forest shows it's safe bet to reach College Football Playoff again

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[Sports] - Opinion: Clemson's rout of Wake Forest shows it's safe bet to reach College Football Playoff again | USA Today

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[Game Thread] Clemson @ Wake Forest (7:30PM ET)

GAME ClemsonClemson @ Wake ForestWake Forest
Location Wake Forest Truist Field
Time 7:30PM ET
Watch TV: ABC
Odds Spread: Clemson -33 - OveUnder: 60
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Weekly ACC Discussion Thread

7 Notre Dame (2-0) vs Wake Forest (0-2) – 12pm – ABC
Last Week: Notre Dame watched a clip from A Bronx Tale where they beat the ever-loving hell out of the bikers in a Mafia-run bar, they proceeded to act it out on the field. Somewhere deep in a bunker Lou Holtz cackled as the Irish racked up 281 yds on the ground and 6 TDs (he then proceeded to call Kelly a purple faced bad catholic). Wake Forest also racked up big offensive numbers, but that only matters so much when you give up 45 to a Dave Doeren team. Wake gave up essentially two 100-yd rushing efforts, which is like, not good or something.
This Week: Whew Wake has a rough schedule. Notre Dame does not need to pass well to beat them handily, so it’s highly likely this will be a paddlin’. Book will get yet another chance to demonstrate that he is a capable passer. Carlos Basham will lead Wake’s DL in attempting to slow down the big Irish ground attack. But if they allowed a lot on the ground to a Tim Beck offense…
Prediction: 49 – 17 Notre Dame
Edit: Covid wins again, booooo
Georgia Tech (1-1) at Syracuse (0-2) – 12pm – RSN (?)
Last Week: Georgia Tech came back to earth a bit as the Citronauts managed to pull away late. It’s hard not to like what Collins has done to the Bees though, as GT managed to drag UCFs powerful offense down to their level and make it a street fight for most of the game. Speaking of which, Dino has to be happy that the Orange (shouldn’t THEY be the ones playing the Citronauts?) managed to make a game of it with Pitt. This looks like a team that tries hard on defense but has absolutely nothing working on offense. Devito has been sacked more brutally than Rome by the Visigoths.
This Week: If this was still the Coastal then somehow Syracuse would win. Georgia Tech has played much better in both a win and a loss, and has more to play for. Syracuse meanwhile looks like they will vie for the coveted Bottom-Of-The-Barrel trophy with Duke. I see Sims having an up and down day with a few turnovers, but Georgia Tech is both more talented and a more balanced team.
Prediction: 28-6 Georgia Tech
24 Louisville (1-1) at 21 Pitt (2-0) – 12 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: Picket called the Panther’s offensive effort against Syracuse sloppy, and he is correct. But at this point it’s like wondering if a teenager’s room is sloppy, or if that’s just kind of who they are going to be as a human. Pitt racked up defensive stats, but only managed 21 points against perhaps the weakest ACC foe, which wasn’t helped by Bama’esque kicking. Louisville was haunted by the ghost of a ghost rider Bobby, whose defensive recruiting dragged them down to hell. Turns out if you can’t stop Miami from running you over repeatedly, they won’t stop doing it.
This Week: This may be the marquee matchup, and at the very least it’s a good bellwether game. Louisville defense vs Pitt Offense may be the stoppable force vs the moveable object. Which team can show reasonable improvement towards being a balanced team? I’m favoring the Cards, as I think Satterfield will mask their defensive issues better than Pitt can overcome their offensive issues.
Prediction: 28-26 Louisville
Duke (0-2) at UVA (0-0) – 4 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: Just call UVA an honorary member of the SEC, because they are just now starting football. Call Duke an honorary member of the Big12, because yeesh. Duke looks like they need everything to go right to win a single game, and having Chase Brice isn’t enough for that to happen right now.
This Week: UVA is a total unknown without Brice Perkins behind the wheel. I’m going to trust that Mendenhall has a strong defense, and that their offense will only work in fits and starts. Meanwhile, I have zero faith in Duke to show signs of life. They turned the ball over 5(!) times with 4(!) of those being in the red zone last week. That’s not a performance you can have against the Hoos and even compete.
Prediction: 24-9 UVA
Texas State (1-2) at Boston College (1-0) – 6 pm – RSN
Last Week: Starting your coaching career with a win has got to be fun. BC took advantage of a lot of Duke mistakes and turned what might have been a scrappy game into a blowout. BC has some Jurk from ND as their QB, and of course has a great connection to their TE.
This Week: Texas State has a potent enough offense to stick around with SMU and beat UTSA in double overtime. That’s not really anything to write home about, but it does mean they aren’t so bad that they might lose to say, Kansas. BC meanwhile looks like they have a more multiple offense, while also still packing a 245 lb running back. I think they bulldoze the Bobcats, and all the Bostonians start flooding this place talking about how wicked smaht Hafley is.
Prediction: 45-17 BC
Florida State (0-1) at 12 Miami (2-0) – 7:30 pm – ABC
Last Week: FSU lost to Covid. Seriously. Norvell will be watching remotely for this week’s matchup. Miami meanwhile turned into a Category 5 rushing attack, making Louisville look silly on defense. They also did decently on defense, but perhaps a level below what fan expectations were for the season.
This Week: Yikes. Seriously if James Blackman doesn’t have some sort of great insurance plan, he should look into one. FSU possessed an anemic offense against Georgia Tech, and they are unlikely to look better against the Canes. Much more interesting will be seeing a still talented FSU DL against Miami running backs. This could be a game where King needs to do something with his arm to propel the offense. I’m betting things get testy as Miami will want to run up the score.
Prediction: 42-6 Miami
NC State (1-0) at 20 Virginia Tech (0-0) – 8 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: Just as we all predicted, the championship of North Carolina runs through the Wolfpack (ignore my actual prediction, please). Ricky Person looked sharp and Hockman managed to pass efficiently, as the Pack finally got over the hump against the Deacons. Virginia Tech was busy plotting in the Hokie Stone mines.
This Week: I think this could be a fun matchup. Virginia Tech under Fuente has been all over the map, but they are a balanced team with a very good QB in Hooker. NC State is probably better on defense than the 42 they gave up to Wake, but they are clearly a team that can withstand a basketball on grass kind of game. I think VT let’s out some pent-up energy and carries the game late.
Prediction: 31-24 VT
Not Playing:
1 Clemson (2-0) – Well they did exactly what a Tiger is inclined to do to a bulldog – gut it entirely then take a nap. Trevor Lawrence’s sole incompletion was a drop on the first drive, and he continued to rack up absurd numbers while stealing rushing TDs from Etienne. Not much to note here other than minor concerns with the 2nd-5th string offense performing as well as Alabama did against the Citadel, and those guys clearly stink.
11 UNC (1-0) – UNC had it’s game with Charlotte cancelled due to Covid, and was unable to find a replacement on the fly. We will probably see a number of these throughout the ACC slate. Sam Howell will spend the week making sure every beard hair is perfectly groomed (there is a lot of pressure as an ACC QB to have perfect hair)
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bliponaship - Week 5 Picks

Rough week. No excuses. Texas and LSU are not who I thought they were. Good to know moving forward. Reminds me of Week 5 last season where I went -20.10u. But if you stuck it out last year, we were back into the black before too long, and I intend to do the same thing again! Let's roll with week 5.

Week 4 Picks Recap

10U LOCK - TEXAS -16.5 VS TEXAS TECH FOR -110 = Loss
Added Picks:
Season Total Picks: 9-10 for -9.65 units

Week 5 Picks

Added plays:

Hail Mary Parlay

Thanks to u/BrandPlanner for the suggestion. I'll share what I'm betting on for a money line parlay with really large odds. This parlay is just for fun and won't count towards weekly winnings. As a note, I typically round robin these picks.
Baylor ML (-140) / Ole Miss ML (+190) / Air Force ML (+215) / North Texas ML (-120) for +2770
If you are opening an account at an online Sportsbook, I suggest Bovada or BetOnline.
For Bovada, feel free to use my link to get a bonus:
For BetOnline, feel free to use this link for a bonus:
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My Proposal for Detroit's Future

Well, we lost, which means we are back to being bad. Jokes aside, the win last weekend was fun, but as I think today showed, it was merely a mirage. The evidence leans toward Matt Patricia not being a good coach, and I think it will be best that he and Detroit go in separate ways at the seasons end.
And to be clear, Patricia still has a chance to turn the season around and get Detroit into contention. I think people forget that the Titans were 2-4 last year before winding up in the AFC Championship Game. I absolutely do not believe this will happen for Detroit, but rather, just being realistic that Detroit's schedule will ease up here soon enough, and maybe that gives them the confidence they need to make some things happen. But unless Patricia makes the playoffs, I am prepared, even eager I dare say, to move on.
Now, I am obviously not Sheila Ford. But if I were, this is how I would approach this offseason.

General Manager

The biggest question, should Detroit falter is what happens to Bob Quinn. While most would probably assume that Quinn and Patricia's fates are tied together, I think it could be a little bit more complicated than that. Allow me to elaborate on this.
First and foremost, my view of the role of the GM is to work in conjunction with your head coach to create a vision for what the team will look like. The coach then goes about implementing that vision on the practice field and in games, developing and coaching the team to wins in whatever fashion they think they can. The GM goes about implementing that vision in the free agent markets, on the trade blocs, and in the draft room.
In this sense, I think you could actually argue that Bob Quinn has been effective. He has built the Detroit Lions in the image of the New England Patriots, largely by bringing in former Patriots and players with a similar skill set. In terms of swiftly restyling the team, Quinn has arguably done exactly this. He's given Patricia personnel that match the scheme both in the draft and in free agency. As the executioner of this flawed vision, Quinn has managed to reshape them. He is effective in building a wannabe Patriots. Most will focus on the wannabe Patriots, as the issue, and to a large degree, they aren't wrong. But what they miss is that Quinn has done it effectively.
Now, there are surely some poor decisions mixed in there. Quinn missed on some draft evaluations like Jarrad Davis and Teez Tabor. He did ship out Quandre Diggs for pennies and missed the window to extend Kenny Golladay before it could get more expensive. This isn't to say that Quinn is perfect, in fact, I'm not even arguing Quinn is a relatively good GM, just that he effectively executed a vision. Personally, I wish he had embraced a better vision, and for that, I'd have no issue firing him. But rather, just making the case that Quinn could stick around for another coaching hire. After all, it was Quinn who fired Jim Caldwell for his utter inability to beat good teams, only to turn around and hire buddy buddy Matty P who struggles to even beat bad teams.
If Quinn is gone, let's look at some of the names to replace him....

General Manager Candidates

The first name that usually comes to everyone's mind is Colts assistant GM Ed Dodds. A widely regarded scout during his time in Seattle, Colts current GM Chris Ballard swiped Dodds away by making him his number two in Indy. He's played a big part in rebuilding the Colts roster, whether bringing in guys like Denico Autry or Kenny Moore, or drafting players like Braden Smith and Darius Leonard. While he's clearly a top option for just about anyone, there are some questions about whether or not he even wants the spotlight of a GM position. From Bleacher Report's Matt Miller: "he doesn't particularly like the attention that comes with being a decision-maker and might not even have the desire to be a general manager." Personally, I don't think someone who is hesitant to take on a general manager role in the first place would be eager to go to the Lions, given our horrid history.
Dodds was from the line of Seahawks GM John Schneider, and he has a few other deputies who could be interesting candidates, notably Seahawks co-director of player personnel Scott Fitterer. Originally a scout himself, he's been in Seattle for awhile now, and was huge piece of the 2010-2012 draft classes that produced Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Bobby Wagner. Additionally, he serves alongside fellow co-director of player personnel, Trent Kirchner, who also figures to be an intriguing candidate.
Detroit may want to consider getting someone with experience running their own show, and if that's the case, Saints assistant GM Jeff Ireland could be an interesting name. Ireland was the Dolphins GM from 2008 until 2013, a time when they weren't as bad as they have been the past few seasons. Over his stretch, they peaked in year one with a playoff berth, and proceeded to go 7-9 just about every year following. So why would Detroit be interested in Ireland? Well, he has had time to reflect on the mistakes made during his time, and spent the past few years working in a better organization (the Saints) where you get an idea of new ways to approach things.
I live in Denver, and happen to be connected to a few Broncos employees out here, one of whom would actually have respectable insight, so I texted him and asked "who should Detroit consider for a new GM?". His response was 49ers VP of player personnel Adam Peters who was with Denver for a few years during their Super Bowl run. He ran college scouting in Denver, and now works alongside John Lynch in building the monstrosity that is the 49ers roster. He even made one the "GM candidates to know" lists that people put out, so it seems some others would share the hype.
Looking at other successfully run organizations, the Baltimore Ravens and director of player personnel Joe Hortiz come to mind. Horitz has been in Baltimore under both Ozzie Newsome and DeCosta, so he's clearly seen what a well-run organization looks like, one that isn't exclusively tied to a legendary head coach. He's played a large role in scouting (1998-2016), a time in which Baltimore added stars like Ronnie Stanley, Za'Darius Smith, C.J Mosley, Brandon Williams, Kelechi Osemele, and Jimmy Smith amongst plenty of others.
If Detroit wants to take a wild swing at the television personalities, like the Raiders did with Mike Mayock, the top candidate there would probably be ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, who was a pro scout with the Redskins for a few years, and worked as director of player personnel for both the Redskins and Eagles.
One person I just want to clearly rule out is Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio. First and foremost, if Bill O'Brien survives the 2020 season as head coach of the Texans, Caserio will be named their new GM. Second, Detroit absolutely needs to avoid another born and raised Patriots executive. So no Caserio. If so, we riot.
I think, ultimately for me, Ireland has too much baggage, Riddick is too much of a wild card, and Dodds isn't likely to leave for Detroit. Therefore, my top target is probably going to be Scott Fitterer, but I'd be thoroughly pleased with Kirchner, Peters, or Hortiz.

Head Coaching Candidates

Not even debating it. Matt Patricia is out. Between an archaic scheme, contentious relations with star players, and poor awareness with the media, Patricia hasn't shown he's worth it. We will be parting ways with him, and I'm sure he'll end up with the Patriots, Giants, or Dolphins in some assistant capacity.
The first name to mention is Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Everyone knows the deal here, I'm not getting too much into it. Same with Michigan-native, 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. We'll be discussing less talked about candidates here.
One name that does not get a lot of hype is Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman. He remains one of the absolute best at tailoring offenses to create dynamic rushing attacks with dual-threat quarterbacks. While Matthew Stafford isn't exactly a dual-threat QB, perhaps a pairing of Roman and OSU QB Justin Fields could be a lot of fun to watch. Roman has called offenses for both Harbaugh brothers, in San Francisco with Jim where he created an offense for Colin Kaepernick, and now in Baltimore with John and Lamar Jackson.
One Kansas City coach who doesn't get as much hype as he probably should is Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub. He's a trusted assistant for Andy Reid, and historically speaking, special teams coordinators actually have a fairly high success rate. He's been highly regarded for his leadership within the Chiefs franchise these past few years.
If Detroit wants to keep a defensive focus at the head coaching spot, then Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus is one of the best in the business. Quoting CBS here, "Energetic and disciplined, he's Frank Reich's most well-rounded companion". Eberflus runs a fairly creative defensive scheme that has allowed guys like Darius Leonard to thrive, focusing on getting elite athletes across the board. His defense is so fun, that in Week 3 they actually caught more touchdowns passes from Jets QB Sam Darnold than Darnold was able to throw to members of his own team.
Another defensive mind who should be under consideration is Ravens defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale. He's been there LB coach since 2012, and their coordinator since 2018 as the Ravens have continued to roll out good defensive units no matter who they have at hand. Martindale's defense is quite the opposite of Patricia's, they blitz like crazy and they mix up their coverage often.
If Detroit is willing to give a head coach a second chance (the results on this trend are pretty mixed btw), then Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier would probably be the most intriguing second chance candidate. Quoting SBN here, "His three-year stint as the Vikings' head coach saw him lead the team to the playoffs in 2012 followed by a sharp fall in 2013. But it's hard to blame him too much when he was choosing between Christian Ponder, Josh Freeman, and Matt Cassel at quarterback". While Sean McDermott is a defensive-minded head coach in Buffalo already, he's credited Frazier with a major role in turning the Bills into one of the top defenses in the NFL.
Turning to offense, we have another Bills coordinator, Brian Daboll calling the shots on offense. Daboll was with the Patriots for a few years as their tight ends coach, before departing and finding success away from Belichick, winning a national title during his time as Alabama's offensive coordinator in 2017, before coming to Buffalo and molded the raw potential of Josh Allen into the dominant player he has been this year.
Former Lions backup QB Kellen Moore, now the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys at only 32 years old figures to be a hot name soon. He's helped Dak Prescott continue to build his game, going from a steady game manager to a playmaker himself. Moore's a little young, but is one of the most prolific offensive minds in CFB.
Also in the rising star mold is Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, a former star QB himself. Leftwich has worked under Bruce Arians for a few years now, and helped create an offense that put up prolific numbers with Jameis Winston (and a lot of interceptions as well).
Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni has also gotten some hype from people in coaching circles, as he's helped the Colts manage the unexpected fallout of Andrew Luck's surprise retirement. If he can milk the remaining production out of Phillip Rivers, he'll be an intriguing candidate who has worked under a few quality head coaches already.
Another offensive coordinator that merits some consideration is Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. He played a major role in transitioning the Titans from Marcus Mariota to Ryan Tannehill, a move that helped propel them all the way to the AFC Championship game behind the effective duo of Derrick Henry's rushing ability and Tannehill's effectiveness off the play action pass,
Usually teams don't hire position coaches, but it's not entirely out of the blue, especially if that position coach does have interim head coaching experience like Saints tight ends coach Dan Campbell. Campbell was Miami's interim head coach in 2015, going 5-7 after Joe Philbin was fired. Campbell also played TE for the Lions back in the second half of the 2000's, posting one of the better seasons a Lions tight end had at that point in 2006. He's considered an exceptional leader in the Saints organization.
The Panthers brought in college head coach Matt Rhule this past year, and if Detroit is looking to do something similar, the three names to watch would probably be OSU head coach Ryan Day, a former Chip Kelly protege who has somehow made the Buckeyes even more deadly and efficient than they were under Urban Meyer, Oklahoma heisman producehead coach Lincoln Riley, who is responsible for getting Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray drafted #1 overall, and lastly Florida head coach Dan Mullen, a former Urban Meyer protege who has had immense success at Mississippi State and now at Florida so far.
There's probably some other candidates I did not dive into. Though similar to Caserio and the GM tree, absolute pass on Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. No need to try that one a second time.
Personally, I like a lot of these candidates. There's plenty of diversity in schemes, backgrounds, leadership styles, etc. My favorite, however, is Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. The work he's done with Josh Allen is fantastic, as he's crafted an offense that fits Allen's style, and whether he'd want to keep Stafford or draft his replacement, I'd have the utmost faith that he'd mold that QB in similar fashion.

Current Personnel

For the current personnel, it'll be important to identify which players have a future in Detroit. Whether that's based on scheme fit, age, health, cap implication, etc. Taking a look at the roster, here's my best guess, outside of one position, which is detailed in a separate section below.
Running back is a good spot for Detroit, regardless of what happens to current starting RB Adrian Peterson. I like RB Kerryon Johnson, but I am absolutely against a sizeable contract extension. Personally, I don't think paying running backs anything more than like $5 mil per year is a good investment, regardless of what back it is. So, he's fine for another season under contract, but may end up parting ways after that. Drafting his replacement in RB D'Andre Swift was a wise move. I actually like the idea of taking good running backs (2nd-3rd round) every other season. That way you never have to pay them and always have fresh legs.
Wide receiver will require some effort this offseason. Quinn massively screwed us by not extending WR Kenny Golladay prior to the season. Only leaves more time for larger contracts to be signed. For example, his spotract market value went up from $16 mil per season to almost $19 mil per season because of additional deals being signed. And with a lowered cap, that's gonna be problematic. The Lions should have at least a WR3/4 in WR Quintez Cephus, and WR Geronimo Allison opted out, meaning Detroit retains his contract for 2021. They'll likely need to draft someone early and sign another veteran, maybe even bringing back Jones or Amendola for a 1-year deal.
Tight end is pretty straight forward. TE T.J. Hockenson was a top-10 selection, and is starting to look like a very good weapon for the offense going forward. His backup, TE Jesse James is also simple: his contract is too large to retain him if he continues his mediocre play. If he can more consistently play like he did against the Cardinals, they may keep him. If not, cut for cap space. Bryant and Nauta are sort of unknowns at this point.
The offensive line may be Detroit's best spot going forward. LT Taylor Decker has been earning that contract extension so far, looking very good at this point. C Frank Ragnow will need his own contract extension soon, but he's been performing as one of the best centers in the NFL, and should remain an integral part of the unit. G Jonah Jackson looks promising as well in his rookie campaign. Detroit will have LG Joe Dahl under contract for one more year, and has G Logan Stenberg developing behind him. The bigger question comes with RT Hal Vaitai and RT Tyrell Crosby. If Vaitai continues to play poorly, he'll be cut after 2021. Crosby could easily be replaced with a better player by that time as well, but for now serves a valuable role as a decent enough spot starter.
Defense is almost entirely dependent on who a new head coach would bring in to call the shots. Many of the players on Detroit's roster are scheme-specific to the old Patriot 3-4 scheme that Patricia loves to run. Let's just assume that, regardless of the new coach, it'll be a bit more diverse, modern scheme.
On the defensive line, DE Trey Flowers is pretty scheme versatile funny enough. He can play SDE in a 4-man front or iDE in a 3-man. His contract will also pretty much require the new coach to make it work with him. And who knows, Flowers has had the intentional misfortune of playing under no-blitz Patricia, so chances are a more aggressive scheme could give him some help in pass rushing. DE Julian Okwara is also pretty versatile. He could be a 4-3 WDE or a 3-4 OLB and was a good pass rusher at Notre Dame. His brother, DE Romeo Okwara is frankly just not very good. If Detroit goes to a 4-man front in a new coach, they'll definitely want a replacement for Romeo, who is serviceable depth, but not much more. DE Austin Bryant hasn't shown enough to warrant an opinion one way or the other.
Interior, DT Danny Shelton is probably not gonna fit in a new scheme. He's an inconsistent run defender who offers little in the pass rush department. DT Nick Williams is a bit more versatile, but the issue is that he's just not very good. His career is as a pretty bland back-end rotational piece. One good season in Chicago would appear to be an anomaly. Cutting either of these two (each set to make around $5 mil cap hits in 2021) would save a net $4 mil in much needed cap space. Behind them, DT Kevin Strong is relatively versatile, but not that good. He's still young and cheap, however, so could still find a role as depth. The big question will be DT Da'Shawn Hand, who has had an inconsistent, but promising career thus far. He can fill a pretty similar role to Flowers, perhaps even being able to play as a 3-tech DT in some schemes (cough, Dan Quinn defensive coordinator). He's a piece that could at least find a useful role under a new regime, but expect Shelton and Williams to be purged within 2 years.
Linebacker is where you can pretty much just get rid of everyone. LB Jamie Collins is clearly the best player in the group, but I still wouldn't bet he'd be a for sure keep for a new regime. He struggled outside the Patriots system, during his exile to Cleveland. I think he could find a role as a 3-4 OLB, rather than the 4-3 ILB/OLB hybrid, but it's still hard to peg him in other schemes. He'll be with Detroit regardless in 2021 because of his contract however. LB Jarrad Davis should just walk at this point. Detroit is better when he's not on the field. LB Christian Jones is similar to Collins, in that he's a poor fit for most schemes, but the difference is he's not nearly as good as Collins. Could probably just trade him to whatever team Matt Patricia ends up on.
The hardest part about a transition to a new scheme would be giving up on younger guys like LB Jahlani Tavai. He's shown some flashes, but really isn't much of a pass rusher and is too old school for modern schemes. Trading Tavai this offseason to a Patriots-style team (Giants, Miami, Patriots, etc.) would be best for both groups.
Now, two guys who could be interesting to bring back are LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin and LB Elijah Lee. Both are currently fish out of water, as they're not great scheme fits for Patricia's defense. They both are on expiring deals however. I'd probably like to see Reeves-Maybin brought back in a new regime, simply because the chance for him to actually find success would go up in a scheme that fits his strengths a bit better.
At cornerback, you have a pretty good foundation. CB Jeffrey Okudah and CB Amani Oruwariye are both pretty fluid athletes with the ability to thrive in multiple schemes. In fact, Oruwariye could potentially be even better in a Cover 3 scheme, should Detroit find someone who deploys that philosophy. Similarly, CB Justin Coleman is pretty versatile, especially out of the slot. He's excelled in the Seahawks Cover 3 scheme (which is honestly my recommendation for what kind of defense to run), but is still good in man coverage. Those three give Detroit a great start. CB Darryl Roberts is built more for Patricia's scheme, so probably won't be back, but I'd expect Detroit to find another veteran like him to fill out the two deep. CB Desmond Trufant is definitely a man coverage corner, and is also old and with a checkered injury history recently. We always knew Trufant was more of a veteran bridge to Okudah and Oruwariye taking over.
Safety is interesting. S Tracy Walker is a rising star and honestly can play any scheme. He's a baller. S Will Harris is not. Maybe a new scheme gets him sorted out, but at the same time, his biggest issue is that he can't cover in man and he can't tackle. Kind of hard to be a slot safety when you struggle with that. S Duron Harmon is a quality Cover 1 free safety, but he's on an expiring contract. Detroit will likely need to find a new starter there, as Harris isn't ideally suited to free safety, and S C.J. Moore is more of a special teams piece than a starting caliber player. We still need to see more from S Jayron Kearse looks like before making decisions there.
Special Teams will require some investment this offseason. Detroit's punting god, Jack Fox, is an ERFA, meaning Detroit can bring him back for pretty cheap. They may just want to reward him and sign him to a deal for a few seasons (though COVID cap implications may prevent that). Both K Matt Prater and LS Don Muhlbach are on expiring deals, so either new deals for them, or replacements. Lions backup LS Steven Wirtel has gotten some praise as a future NFL LS, so perhaps they hand the reins over to him, given that he'd cost half what Muhlbach would, and the Lions will need every penny this offseason.

Quarterback 2021 and Beyond

If there is a new regime change, then it's not out of the realm of possibility that they look into the prospect of finding Matthew Stafford's successor. Stafford will be 33-years old in 2021, and while QB's are still able to continue playing at a high level into their late 30's, for example, Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan and Brady and Brees have all put together quality seasons lately, despite their older age. However, 35 is traditionally the drop-off age, and for a QB who relies on arm talent, it is most definitely something to watch and consider.
I'll say this first and foremost, if Detroit ends up in a position to select QB Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson, you pull the trigger on that and sort things out later. The two options behind him are QB Justin Fields, a dual-threat option out of Ohio State, and QB Trey Lance, an athletic, efficient QB out of North Dakota State. Now, personally, I'm a bit skeptical of Trey Lance. I think NDSU sets everything up for him on a platter, and the more film you watch on Lance, the more I find he struggles on full-field reads. If you can isolate his playbook to a half-field read, then I think he crushes it, but the troubles outside of that, added into the large talent gap between NDSU and literally anyone else in the FCS, makes me hesitant. To me, Lance is a slightly higher upside version of Titans QB Ryan Tannehill. In that sense, I don't really think he'd be worth the investment if Detroit is selecting in the top-15.
Now, Justin Fields is growing on me, admittedly. Rewatched a handful of his OSU games and continue to find his ability to dissect coverage to be a lot more advanced than I recalled during the season. He has a big arm, and has one of the most coveted traits nowadays: the ability to make plays when the original structure breaks down. I think, at this point, I'd probably be sold on Fields, but not on Lance, though honestly, if they did hire a competent offensive mind like Bieniemy or Daboll, I wouldn't object to it, as I think anyone who can get such massive leaps out of Josh Allen could probably get the most out of Trey Lance as well.
The bigger issue I do have is whether or not Detroit should move on from Stafford at this point. A few things can all be true at the same time, and four things I'm going to mention all are true.
  1. Matthew Stafford is not playing as well as he was in the first half of 2020, and the issues don't exactly seem to be tied to any injury.
  2. Despite not playing as well as 2020, Stafford is still one of the better QB's in the league, ranking 11th in passing yards (1,017) and 7th in touchdown passes (8). That kind of production wins games with a better defense.
  3. Detroit would be marginally restricted in the ability to build a roster around a large QB cap hit like Stafford's.
  4. The issues holding Detroit back most (its defense) would not be solved with a new quarterback. There are plenty examples of promising young quarterbacks being broken because they were put in less than ideal situations....Sam Darnold in New York being just the latest example. Unless Detroit can build a competent defense, it will not actually matter who the quarterback is.
All that just to say, let's all chill out a bit when dealing with each other's takes on what to do at QB. We don't have to draft a new QB, that denies so many of the bigger issues. We also do not have to keep Matthew Stafford, that denies the reality that plenty of teams have found a new QB can elevate the play of the team, helping them go from good to great (see Chiefs moving Alex Smith for Mahomes), and that even with Stafford, Detroit remains mediocre.
Personally, I think it's better to build a good roster and then make the change at quarterback. Right now, I think Detroit is set-up well for its OL going forward, and probably will be decent at WRB with Golladay and Hockenson and Swift and Kerryon, but the defense will continue to lose us games, and I'd hate to waste the early years of a cheap rookie QB still trying to build the roster around him. And personally, I think every bit as good as Fields and Lance is USC QB Kedon Slovis as a potential QB to target in the 2022 draft class.

2021 Free Agency Complications

Now, truly, I have no clue what's going to happen with this, but Detroit, along with the rest of the league, is not going to be overflowing with cap space. Minimal fans in the stadium means no ticket revenue. Some doomsday predictions have the cap going down as far as $175 million. Realistically speaking, I wouldn't anticipate Detroit entering the offseason with anything more than $15-20 million in cap space. If you're trying to overhaul a new scheme with new personnel, that'll be kind of tough.
Detroit has a few pieces it can cut, however. Some have been mentioned....Jesse James, Danny Shelton, Nick Williams. All could open up a little bit of change (over $10 mil if all 3) which would be majorly beneficial. Another one who could go is CB Desmond Trufant, which would free up $6 million. QB Chase Daniel could easily have a restructured contract to open up in between $1-2 million. G Joe Dahl would save $3 million if he was cut, but I don't see that really happening, as Dahl's a good bargain for a quality enough starting G. Maybe if Logan Stenberg develops into a quality piece Dahl could be traded, but that seems unlikely.

2021 Free Agency Targets

To remake the team, I'm first going to identify a few veterans who could help accelerate a quick turnaround defensively. Assuming I've gotten my wish of Detroit Lions head coach Brian Daboll, then the offense wouldn't need much reconfiguration.
There would honestly be two players I'd want Daboll to bring with him from Buffalo. They are...
Bills G Jon Feliciano - a powerful run blocker, Feliciano could either compete with Dahl outright, or simply serve as the first back-up at guard...the new and improved Kenny Wiggins so to speak.
Bills LB Matt Milano - Detroit will need modern linebackers, and Milano would be an excellent one to start with. He can cover, get sideline to sideline, and make plays in the box. I think Buffalo ends up re-signing him however.
Now, I don't want to simply switch from the Patriots West to the Bills West. But I do generally believe that any new coach should try and bring 2 or 3 players who are familiar, if for nothing more than putting pieces in place that can help introduce the new system to the current roster.
Some others however.
Detroit will probably need another starting wide receiver in free agency, and while I would absolutely love to get Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins to Detroit, he'll probably be a bit out of the price range, given how many pieces Detroit could need on defense. Some of the more financially plausible options would likely be Jags WR Chris Conley, 49ers WR Kendrick Bourne, Rams WR Josh Reynolds, or maybe Bengals WR John Ross.
Similarly, I'd love to go after Bills TE Tyler Kroft as another piece to work with Hockenson, but he'd probably be too pricey, and I imagine Buffalo will retain him rather than let him hit the market. Jags TE Tyler Eifert, Titans TE MyCole Pruitt, or perhaps Seahawks TE Jacob Hollister would all make a bit more sense. This would be dependent on cutting Jesse James in search of an upgrade.
Detroit is set on starting OL, but could use a depth piece with Wiggins and Aboushi both on expiring deals. Chargers G Dan Feeney has starting experience, though most of the options here are pretty mediocre. Could actually argue that retaining Wiggins would be the wisest course of action.
Defensive Tackle will be a MAJOR spot to address, as Detroit currently doesn't have a quality group there, and scheme change could make it worse. There are some big names like Saints DT Sheldon Rankins or Michigan-native Raiders DT Johnathan Hankins, whom Detroit should've brought in awhile ago. Broncos DT Shelby Harris is a good interior pass rusher who can play multiple roles. I'm guessing Detroit doesn't pony up the money for Giants DT Dalvin Tomlinson but I wouldn't hate that.
Defensive end would be a need if Detroit went to a 4-man front, as you'd want an upgrade over Romeo Okwara. Assuming Detroit isn't going for the big names like Vikings DE Yannick Ngakoue or Titans DE Jadeveon Clowney, a more sensible option would a stopgap option like Washington EDGE Ryan Kerrigan, who can play really any edge spot well. Colts DE Denico Autry would be plenty of fun, and if the Lions hired someone like Matt Eberflus, I'd want them to for sure make that move. One of the more under-the-radar pieces that could be more fiscally responsible would be Saints DE Trey Hendrickson.
If they go more of a traditional 3-4, then adding an upgrade over Christian Jones would be the move there. Kerrigan would still fit that one well, but other options could be Chargers OLB Melvin Ingram. Perhaps a head coach Martindale would want to bring GVSU grade OLB Matt Judon to Detroit? Though both those options would be pricy. A cheaper option would Jets OLB Jordan Jenkins or maybe Rams OLB Samson Ebukam.
Off ball linebackers, we already mentioned Milano. Bucs LB Kendall Beckwith would make some sense, as would Saints LB Alex Anzalone or Chiefs LB Damien Wilson. None of these guys would be stars, but most teams hang onto good LB's who can play off ball and cover backs, so you're probably looking for a veteran stopgap to hold over until you can draft a guy.

2021 NFL Draft

We're getting deep into this. Depending on where Detroit is drafting and who they pulled in with free agency, these would be the guys I'd be most interested in acquiring.
DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State - Like I said, Detroit needs to be a lot better at DT, and Wilson is a monster.
DE Aidan Hutchinson/Kwity Paye, Michigan - If one of these two could slip to you in the second round, that'd be great. Both very good edge rushers. Would love to grab Carlos Basham out of Wake Forest if Detroit is mid first. I also like Quincy Roche as an OLB in a 3-4.
A starting caliber WR. If they miss out on Ja'Marr Chase, then one of the Alabama wide outs (Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith) would suffice just fine. I mentioned the other day that Waddle is my current preferred choice for the draft at this point. Gophers WR Rashod Bateman could also be a fun addition. If they need to hunt for a starting wide out in the 3rd or 4th, Michigan's Nico Collins is an excellent deep threat, not too far from the mold of Golladay and Jones. OSU WR Chris Olave would be a clean replacement for Amendola in the slot.
I think Detroit could use a free safety like Trevon Moehrig or Andre Cisco to either immediately start, or develop behind a veteran. Moehrig may end up as a late first round option, but Cisco could be a day 2 pick that pays off immediately.
G Wyatt Davis may not stick out as a clear need, but y'all know I am an OL coach, and I think this kid is the best G prospect since Quentin Nelson, so I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger, trade Joe Dahl for a pick, and call it a day. If C/G Josh Myers dropped to the second, I'd also be a very big fan of that move as well. I'm guessing most wouldn't like that, as OL is a relative strength to other spots on the roster, and that's understandable, but if we're truly talking best player available mentality, then Davis has to be considered right after guys like Micah Parsons, Ja'Marr Chase, and Lawrence.
As far as linebackers go, either LSU's Jabrill Cox or LB Chazz Surratt out of North Carolina could be guys who can slide into starting roles quickly. Same goes for Micah Parsons but unless Detroit's drafting top-5, they don't get him.
Few others who have appeal right now as later round prospects...TE Matt Bushman (BYU), WR Dazz Newsome (UNC), LB Dmitri Moore (Vanderbilt), CB Camryn Bynum (Cal), WR Tutu Atwell (Louisville), LB Ventrell Miller (Florida), S Reed Blankenship (MTSU), and LB Rayshard Ashby (VaTech).

Overall, a lot of different ways to go, but this would be my proposal at least. Bring in Brian Daboll, get him a veteran defensive coordinator, and then go about building a modern defense. See what you can get out of Matt Stafford, and prepare for a transition down the road if needed at that point.
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Weekly ACC Discussion Thread

Campbell (0-3) at Wake Forest (0-2) – Friday 7 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: Wake was off after a tight loss to NC State the week prior.
This Week: Wake Forest subs in the Camels in lieu of the Irish, as the schedule bumps up a week. Someone HAS to win, and considering Campbell has an additional game to practice not-winning, I see the Deacs finally correcting things. Campbell hasn’t struggled to score, but their defense has been poor. Time will tell whether Wake just has a terrible defense this year – if they can’t shut Campbell down, they may be outright bad this year.
Prediction: 45-17 Wake
NC State (1-1) at 24 Pitt (2-0) – 12 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: NC State had a brief moment of looking like they may have figured it out… before coming back down last week against VT. Hockman was atrocious and their run defense was a screen door that’s missing the screen. Pitt meanwhile held down the oft-powerful Louisville offense and won another slugfest. Pitt looks like a known commodity, but there are worse things than being a nasty defense with a mediocre offense.
This Week: Well this should not be a high scoring game. Pitt is apparently disgusted by the idea of scoring over 30 against P5 foes, and NC State has the equivalent of a smoothbore rifle for distributing the ball. Pitt should handle business against a program that just can’t seem to quit Doeren (his seat only grows hotter).
Prediction: 24-10 Pitt
12 UNC (1-0) at Boston College (2-0)– 3:30 pm – ABC
Last Week: Boston College made things awfully interesting against Texas State. Phil Jurkovic needed a 4th quarter comeback after the Eagles trailed 21-7 late in the 3rd. UNC meanwhile escaped the razor maw that is Charlotte football due to yet another Covid cancellation.
This Week: It’s hard to see a way in which BC wins this game without UNC gifting it to them. But don’t entirely count it out being a game if UNC still has turnover issues. BC will continue to rely on Jurk passing to the TE and RB to get offensive production, while UNC will aim to take care of business against a program that should be at least a year behind them in program rebuild mode.
Prediction: 38-28 UNC
Jacksonville State (0-0) at FSU (0-2) – 4 pm – ESPN3
Last Week: The hydration was NOT on point last week for FSU. Not content to just break out the paperbacks for Clemson this year, FSU barely bothered to interject a field goal into Miami’s string of first half scores. They took a historic beatdown and it looks like Norvell is facing a monumental challenge to turn things around.
This Week: Jacksonville State is led by another former Clemson QB, Zerrick Cooper (man these guys just pop up everywhere). Fortunately for him he has performed better than Bryant, Johnson, or Brice and has led a good JSU air attack. FSU would probably trade Blackman for him, or anything resembling a quarterback including a cardboard cutout of James Francois from the stands. Let’s be clear: FSU needs this game. Wins are looking scarce, and this is a case where the raw athleticism should net them their first win…. but I am not confident that happens.
Prediction: 21-20 JSU
Virginia Tech (1-0) at Duke (0-3) – 4 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: Ok Duke, time to stop dipping your hands in butter before games – I know it’s a great ritual and all, but at this point you’ll want to hold on to the football. The Blue Devils could not rely on Brice to carry them, and their offense was not enough when giving up 38 to UVA. Virginia Tech meanwhile stormed out of the game and put NC State to sleep early. They had the (early) appearance of another ACC contender as they dominated the Pack.
This Week: Unless both teams were a mirage last week, this looks like a beatdown. Virginia Tech was a good balanced team, and Duke has racked up 14(!) turnovers in 3 games. Mercy. I think Tech won’t need to take this into the second half as they’ll destroy Duke.
Prediction: 41-12 Virginia Tech
UVA (1-0) at 1 Clemson (2-0) – 8 pm – ACC Network
Last Week: UVA didn’t actually bury Duke until the 4th quarter. An inefficient day from Brennan Armstrong passing at ~53% and 2 turnovers didn’t help. Clemson meanwhile rested up, and looks to get several defenders back (potentially) including all-ACC DT Tyler Davis.
This Week: Well no one is going to gift you 4 interceptions this week. Despite this being a rematch of last years ACC champs game, this one may not be so close. Best bet for the Cavaliers will be to catch Clemson looking forward to Miami next week, but that hasn’t really worked out for anyone in a few years. Lawrence will look to extend his lead in the Heisman voting, especially if he gets to play in the 2nd half. I don’t think Venables will allow any team without an excellent QB to score a touchdown, even with backups in.
Prediction: 41-6 Clemson
Not Playing:
5 Notre Dame (2-0) Notre Dame was going to play Wake, but that was before Jeff Scott set Dabos sabotage plan into action. In all seriousness the Irish are taking the week off due to a rash of Covid-positive tests, and that is the responsible thing to do here. Their game is postponed and they have a ton of guys in quarantine. Get better soon leprechauns.
8 Miami (3-0) – Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT. Speaking of horns, the last thing FSU heard was a rain horn before getting trucked. Miami rests up and prepares to get their coach fired compete with Clemson. Bask in the glow of your absolute trouncing Canes.
Syracuse (1-2) A win! Syracuse earns honorary Coastal membership (let’s be real, they always fit there better) as they get a surprising win over the Bees. 4 interceptions and a decent QBR for Devito are promising signs as the Orange showed signs of life. After a week of rest, Cuse gets Duke at home. If they want to be accepted into the Coastal they will find a way to hand this game away. If they want back into the Atlantic, look for a killing blow to Dukes bowl hopes.
Georgia Tech (1-2) Tech, your offense… woof. Sims finally looked like a real rookie (or an FSU QB) and turned the ball over repeatedly to Syracuse. Collins will have a lot of tape to evaluate before facing Louisville. That will be an interesting matchup of two up-and-coming ACC coaches.
Louisville (1-2) Well this was not how things were supposed to go. Cunningham went down in the midst of a smothering loss to Pitt, but fortunately it sounds like he will be ok in the long term. Louisville is clearly still rebuilding it’s defense from the Petrino days, and will also need to find a few more answers on offense to keep this season held together.
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[Week 1] ACC Football Betting Discussion

ACC Football - Week 1

Per request, this is a new weekly discussion thread for the 2020 ACC Football season focusing on betting! This week's games are listed below with their spreads, MLs and totals. Spot good value? Have insight into a game? Curious about a certain line? Post below!
Day/Time (ET) Away ML Home (Line) ML Total
Thu at 8:00 PM UAB +415 Miami (-13.5) -565 52
Sat at 12:00 PM Syracuse +750 North Carolina (-21) -1100 63
Sat at 2:30 PM Duke +655 Notre Dame (-19.5) -910 53.5
Sat at 3:30 PM Georgia Tech +355 Florida State (-12.5) -460 54.5
Sat at 4:00 PM Austin Peay N/A Pittsburgh (-29.5) N/A 48.5
Sat at 7:30 PM Clemson -30000 Wake Forest (+32.5) +2800 60
Sat at 8:00 PM Western Kentucky +335 Louisville (-11.5) -435 57.5
Note: Lines, spreads and totals are from MyBookie and are not updated after posting. Be sure to reference a specific line or odds during discussion, as they may vary from book to book.
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[Week 4] ACC Football Betting Discussion

ACC Football - Week 4

This is a new weekly discussion thread for the 2020 ACC Football season focusing on betting! This week's games are listed below with their spreads, MLs and totals. Spot good value? Have insight into a game? Curious about a certain line? Post below!
Day/Time (ET) Away ML Home (Line) ML Total
Fri at 7:00 PM Campbell +1500 Wake Forest (-34.5) -5000 ?
Sat at 12:00 PM NC State +440 #24 Pittsburgh (-14) -590 46.5
Sat at 3:30 PM #12 North Carolina -550 Boston College (+13.5) +400 54
Sat at 4:00 PM Jacksonville State +1500 Florida State (-26.5) -5000 ?
Sat at 4:00 PM Virginia Tech -400 Duke (+10.5) +310 54
Sat at 8:00 PM Virginia +1500 #1 Clemson (-28) -5000 55
Note: Lines, spreads and totals are from MyBookie or Bovada and are NOT updated after posting. Be sure to reference a specific line or odds during discussion, as they may vary from book to book.
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bliponaship - Week 7 Picks

Week 6 Picks Recap

Added Picks:
Week 6 Picks went 4-7 for -5.87 units
Season Total Picks: 21-24 for -14.12 units

Week 7 Picks

Added Plays

Hail Mary Parlay

WKU ML (+410) at UAB / Arkansas ML (+140) vs Ole Miss / Memphis ML (+120) vs UCF for +2593
If you are opening an account at an online Sportsbook, I suggest Bovada or BetOnline.
For Bovada, feel free to use my link to get a bonus:
For BetOnline, feel free to use this link for a bonus:
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[Week 2] ACC Football Betting Discussion

ACC Football - Week 2

Per request, this is a new weekly discussion thread for the 2020 ACC Football season focusing on betting! This week's games are listed below with their spreads, MLs and totals. Spot good value? Have insight into a game? Curious about a certain line? Post below!
Day/Time (ET) Away ML Home (Line) ML Total
Sat at 12:00 PM Boston College +190 Duke (-6) -230 52
Sat at 12:00 PM Syracuse +900 #25 Pittsburgh (-21.5) -1900 50
Sat at 2:30 PM South Florida +1260 #7 Notre Dame (-25.5) -4000 48.5
Sat at 3:30 PM #14 UCF -275 Georgia Tech (+7.5) +225 61.5
Sat at 4:00 PM The Citadel +4000 #1 Clemson (-44.5) -100000 57.5
Sat at 7:30 PM #17 Miami +115 #18 Louisville (-2.5) -135 65
Sat at 8:00 PM Wake Forest +105 NC State (-2.5) -125 52.5
UPDATE: North Carolina vs Charlotte has been cancelled due to Charlotte experiencing o-line depth issues from covid quarantining.
Note: Lines, spreads and totals are from MyBookie or Bovada and are NOT updated after posting. Be sure to reference a specific line or odds during discussion, as they may vary from book to book.
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Polish Picks: 2020 Week 1

I am in a virtual betting league where I have to make 6 picks each week. We only get to do straight bets and oveunders. I may switch one or two here, but am pretty set at this point. We get the lines we have to follow on Tuesday and they do not move during the week. If I switch anything for Week One, it will be for an over I decide that I like. I do think tackling will be worse than normal and I like the idea of hitting overs in games where each offense has some continuity or are just really talented.

1) Houston at KANSAS CITY. OVER 54.5. The two most expensive QBs in the league will show off tonight.
2) Clemson (-32.5) over WAKE FOREST. I am sure that Yabo Dabo wants to begin the season with a slaughter.
3) Chicago (+3.5) over DETROIT. Mitchell has three of his top five graded games against Detroit and they just lost Kenny Golladay
4) Las Vegas (-2.5) over CAROLINA. Hey, I picked the Raiders for the playoffs. I think Henry Ruggs III will be the best rookie WR.
5) Tampa Bay at NEW ORLEANS. OVER 49.5. Just too many weapons on the field in this one. This my favorite bet of the week.
6) Dallas (-2.5) over LA RAMS. I don't think the Rams are going to be good. I have Dallas making the Super Bowl.
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MAC's College Football Report Odds + Plays - Week 4

MAC's College Football Report Odds + Plays - Week 4

MAC's College Football Report + Plays - Week 4

9/22 - Top Rated Plays + Special Release Betting Action & Game Breakdowns

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MAC's College Football Report + Plays - Week 4

Big Ten starts on Oct. 24 (News)

Oddsmakers installed Ohio State as a co-choice to win the College Football National Championship.
Teams will play eight game, conference only, schedules. The Big Ten Championship happens on Dec. 19 at Lucas Oil Stadium. Ohio State and Wisconsin are the favorites to play in the title game.
Going back to the Buckeyes, no season may have happened if not for OSU quarterback Justin Fields. The Heisman Trophy candidate argued that the conference shouldn’t allow fear to dictate whether or not they play.
College Football Playoff future handicappers side with Clemson, Buckeyes, and Bama
Clemson and Ohio State are co-choices at +250. Clemson has already played two games. The Tigers blew out Wake Forest 37-13. They dominated The Citadel 49-0.
On Oct. 3, Clemson takes on Virginia. On Oct. 10, they go against #12 Miami. Those two games will tell us more about Clemson. Three other games on the schedule could pose issues for the Tigers. Clemson faces #7 Notre Dame on Nov. 7. They finish the season with games against #21 Pittsburgh on Nov. 28 and #20 Virginia Tech on Dec. 5.
Alabama is third choice at +350. The Crimson Tide start their season on Sep. 26 against Missouri. Nick Saban’s squad plays against six Top 25 ranked teams during the regular season: #10 Texas A&M, #4 Georgia, #16 Tennessee, #6 LSU, #23 Kentucky, and #8 Auburn. If Alabama makes the CFP this season, they will have earned it.
The real 2020 College Football Season starts Sep. 26
In addition to Alabama and Missouri starting up on Sep. 26, the rest of the Southeastern Conference gets it going as well on that day. On paper, the top matchup is #23 Kentucky versus #8 Auburn.
But the most intriguing SEC game could be Mississippi State at #6 LSU. Tigers coach Ed Orgeron said most Louisiana State players had contracted the coronavirus. He believed most of his players were over it. Testing this week will prove it.
Not only that, but Mike Leach now coaches Mississippi State. Leach convinced former Stanford quarterback K.J. Costello to play in Starkville. Miss State could be this year’s surprise team. Make sure to check that game out on Saturday and see if Leach has done enough for the Bulldogs to challenge the current champs.

2021 College Football National Championship Odds

  • Clemson +250
  • Ohio State +250
  • Alabama +350
  • Georgia +1600
  • Florida +1600
  • Oklahoma +1800
  • Texas A&M +2500
  • Texas +2500 (MAC's Power Pick)
  • Penn State +3000
  • Notre Dame +4000
  • LSU +5000
  • Wisconsin +5000
  • Auburn +6000
  • Michigan +6000
  • Miami +10000
  • Oklahoma State +10000

MAC's NCAAF Week 4 Special Release Moves

09/26 - 12:00 PM - Backroom Info NCAAF Pick
Georgia State -2.5 vs Charlotte +2.5
Play: Georgia State -2.5

09/26 - 03:30 - Major Move NCAAF Pick

West Virginia +8 vs Oklahoma State -8
Play: West Virginia + 8

09/26 - MAC's NCAAF Parlay

09/26 - 08:00 PM NC State vs Virginia Tech
Play: Under 57
09/26 - 07:30 PM Kansas vs Baylor
Play: Baylor -16.5

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MAC's Stock Market Tips
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20/21 ACC

saw some twitter discussion on 20/21 ACC standings, quarantine sucks etc,

Tier 1

1 Virginia Loses 2 (Diakite, Key) of top 4 players from #42 team in the nation, but this is deceptive. Were #234 on offense, #1 on defense and finished the year trending up. Sam Hauser and Jabri Abdur-Rahim could replace Casey Morsell and Kody Stattman in the lineup, completely reversing the course of the offense. Kihei Clark and Thomas Woldentensae will see their lives improve dramatically now that Virginia can play 5 on 5 offense again. And I'm pretty sure Tony Bennett will figure out a way to coach up the defense... 2 Duke Probably not a classic Duke squad or even as good as last year, but the ACC is probably down again and there is more than enough talent to run the conference again. The question is how Coach K gets the frontcourt pieces to work - does Jalen Johnson really play the 3 in this offense so Matt Hurt can start at the 4? Does that mean Mark Williams or Patrick Tape start at the 5? Hurt doesn't seem like a viable option at the 5 to me, but I'm equally skeptical of Moore/Johnson as the wings... 3 North Carolina It has been a while since one could say the Tar Heels have as much talent as the Blue Devils, but this is the year where that is the case. The main question for UNC is how to handle 4 "modern era" centers in the frontcourt rotation. It appears only Garrison Brooks could be designated a 4, and even Brooks would play plenty of 5 on a lot of teams. 6'8 non-shooter Leaky Black is also a particularly poor fit at the 3 next to two post-oriented bigs. But overall this is a great problem for Roy Williams to have...

Tier 2

4 Florida State It is hard to know what to do with this team, as FSU loses Trent Forrest and hasn't even recruited a PG this offseason. This would imply the reigns will be handed to super frosh Scottie Barnes. Barnes is quite skilled for a 3/4, but I'm not ready to confidently claim he can run the show for an ACC contender. A whole stable of 6'4 to 6'8 versatile wing/combo types will keep the Seminoles in the top half of the standings either way... 5 Louisville Jordan Nwora will be missed, but so will Dwayne Sutton. Lousiville bounced back from the loss of stud JuCo Jay Scrubb with the addition of tr floor general Carlik Jones, who will combine with fast rising soph David Johhson to form one of the most dynamic backcourts in the nation. Samuell WIlliamson, Malik Williams and Aidan Igiehon are former coveted recruits that will be thrust into feature roles... 6 Miami After two year run dominated by health, recruiting and NCAA enforcement-related misfortune, it could be the time of the Hurricane once again. Miami's completely overmatched frontcourt gets a boost from Cincy tr Nysier Brooks, while touted forward recruits Earl Timberlake and Matt Cross will provide some of the positional versatility that was lacking. The backcourt was already a strength...

Tier 3

7 Notre Dame Probably the toughest spot to pick in these rankings, I'm gonna keep betting on Notre Dame bouncing back. John Mooney would appear to be a significant loss, but Mike Brey has never really struggled to find his next big man. Juwan Durham certainly appears capable, though there is some question about his fit for the system. The backcourt is filled with shooters who have struggled to shoot. Stanford tr Cormac Ryan adds another option... 8 Georgia Tech Mopped up the middle of the pack once the full rotation was eligible/healthy but the nation's #16 defense could struggle without its anchor in James Banks. Will Moses Wright continue to improve like he did his first 3 seasons? Can Bubba Parham find the shooting touch he apparently left at VMI 2 years ago? 9 Clemson The ACC featured three "horrifying offense, lockdown defense" squads last year, and Clemson rounds out the trio. Top offensive option Tevin Mack graduated, but how much worse could it possibly get? Perhaps little-used scoring specialists like Alex Hemenway and Hunter Tyson will get a little more run. Aamir Sims appears to be on the verge of a all-ACC caliber senior season, while PJ Hall gives him a bit of help in the paint... 10 Virginia Tech Putting the Hokies this high is a bet on Mike Young, whose tenure at VaTech got off to a hot start but was quickly reaching dumpster fire territory by the end of 2020. Landers Nolley's transfer could be addition by subtraction, but the ideal scenario would have been for Nolley to stick it out and learn how to be more efficient. Wofford tr Keve Aluma dazzled vs Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament two years ago and should mean the end of 6'2 PF lineups. KState tr Cartier Diarra certainly fits the mold... 11 NC State Top players Markell Johnson and CJ Bryce both graduated and stud recruit Josh Hall decided to head straight to the pros. This probably leads to another middle of the pack finish for NCST, though it still depends on the readiness of freshman PG's Cam Hayes and Shakeel Moore. There are a couple of athletic specimens in the frontcourt with DJ Funderburk and Manny Bates... 12 Syracuse Can the Orange get Alan Griffin eligible? If so, he replaces Elijah Hughes without a hitch and puts Syracuse at/near the top of Tier 4. If not, Orange fans get another taste of life near the conclusion of the Jim Boeheim era. 13 Pittsburgh Things appeared to be looking up, but Trey McGowens' decision to transfer leaves Pitt short bodies in the backcourt. The frontcourt is rounding into shape after Justin Champagnie's surprising freshman year and the arrival of William Jeffress. But can Champagnie shift to full time 3 after the loss of McGowens? 14. Boston College Look at the tier here, not the numerical ranking. Yes, BC missed an opportunity last season after Nik Popovic and Wynston Tabbs went down with injuries. No, Jim Christian probably can't afford to see players like Jairus Hamilton transfer out. But with the addition of transfers Makai Ashton-Langford, Rich Kelly, Fred Scott and James Karnik, this might be the most complete roster of Christian's tenure. Wynston Tabbs' health could be the wildcard as far moving up in the middle of the pack...

Tier 4

15 Wake Forest If anybody can scrape together a competitive roster in these conditions, it is Steve Forbes. But let's be realistic...
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Rankings: Every D1 Team vs. Spread Since 2011 (Cumulative) - UVA, MSU, Nova on top

Since 2011 (as far back as I have data), how has each team done vs. the spread?
Specifically, if you bet $110 on every single game to beat the spread (which wins you $100 profit) since 2011, where would you be today? The chart below shows.
Interestingly, a lot of the best teams of the era were also the best vs. the spread. Coincidence? I'm not sure, honestly. Someone has to be best vs. the spread, and assuming it's a bell curve (and it is) someone will be 2+ standard deviations ahead. But there's no a priori reason it should be UVA and MSU instead of e.g. Washington State or St. Peter's.
(To pre-answer a question, sometimes you can win more money with fewer net wins vs. the spread because losses hurt you more than wins benefit you, and not every game gets a spread.)
Additional data / year-by-year cuts
Team Money Won Lines Set **Net Wins vs. Spread % Games Won & Beat Spread Points Above Spread
1 Virginia Cavaliers $4430 275 55 55.27% 559
2 Michigan State Spartans $3940 290 51 54.14% 440
3 Villanova Wildcats $3610 290 48 54.48% 329
4 South Dakota State Jackrabbits $3550 259 46 53.28% 593.5
5 Utah Utes $3200 272 43 44.49% 310.5
6 Wichita State Shockers $2340 276 35 52.54% 273
7 Tulsa Golden Hurricane $2290 264 34 45.08% 131
8 Yale Bulldogs $2070 201 29 47.26% 109.5
9 Gonzaga Bulldogs $1570 281 28 52.67% 525
10 Creighton Blue Jays $1480 277 27 50.54% 312
11 Buffalo Bulls $1420 270 26 46.67% 447.5
12 Saint Josephs-Pennsylvania Hawks $1410 206 23 46.12% 131.5
13 Houston Cougars $1410 250 25 47.2% 381.5
14 Davidson College Wildcats $1370 274 26 49.27% 134.5
15 Robert Morris Colonials $1350 109 18 44.04% -62.5
16 North Florida Ospreys $1350 108 18 38.89% 48.5
17 Northwestern State Demons $1330 74 16 29.73% 4
18 North Carolina Tar Heels $1290 296 26 50% 289.5
19 Georgia Bulldogs $1280 272 25 39.71% 203.5
20 Texas-Arlington Mavericks $1260 239 23 43.1% 231
21 Hartford Hawks $1250 87 16 42.53% 105.5
22 Oregon Ducks $1240 285 25 49.82% 315
23 Seton Hall Pirates $1170 275 24 43.64% 140
24 IUPU-Fort Wayne Mastadons $1130 242 22 40.5% 213
25 New Mexico State Aggies $1070 190 19 48.95% 352.5
26 Southeastern Louisiana Lions $1070 80 14 32.5% 102
27 California-Irvine Anteaters $1060 281 23 45.2% 185
28 William & Mary $1060 212 20 41.98% 47
29 Furman Paladins $1030 236 21 42.8% 187
30 Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix $1030 262 22 41.98% 87.5
31 Kansas Jayhawks $990 290 23 52.41% 66.5
32 Purdue Boilermakers $980 274 22 45.99% 299
33 Vermont Catamounts $940 112 14 48.21% 119
34 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets $920 264 21 35.98% -21
35 San Diego State Aztecs $910 271 21 49.08% 140
36 Wofford Terriers $870 253 20 43.08% 298.5
37 Saint Francis-Pennsylvania Red Flash $840 85 12 42.35% -89.5
38 Mississippi Rebels $820 281 21 40.57% -18
39 Florida International Panthers $770 232 18 34.91% 99.5
40 Nevada Wolf Pack $760 277 20 45.13% 138
41 Colgate Red Raiders $750 104 12 42.31% 146.5
42 Louisville Cardinals $740 282 20 47.16% 383
43 Providence Friars $740 279 20 44.44% 332.5
44 North Carolina Central Eagles $740 108 12 40.74% 166
45 Gardner Webb Runnin Bulldogs $730 106 12 42.45% 106.5
46 Norfolk State Spartans $720 110 12 35.45% 69
47 Tennessee State Tigers $660 233 17 33.48% 25.5
48 North Carolina State Wolfpack $650 275 19 43.64% 114.5
49 Fresno State Bulldogs $620 259 18 38.61% 295.5
50 Maryland Terrapins $610 268 18 44.03% 84
51 Saint Bonaventure Bonnies $600 265 18 46.04% 287
52 California Baptist $590 51 8 45.1% 51.5
53 Northern Illinois Huskies $540 258 17 32.17% -17
54 Southern University A&M Jaguars $540 105 10 34.29% 13.5
55 Army Black Knights $520 107 10 42.06% -37.5
56 South Dakota Coyotes $480 246 16 38.62% 139
57 Merrimack Warriors $480 30 6 56.67% -8
58 California-Santa Barbara Gauchos $480 247 16 41.7% 66.5
59 Iowa State Cyclones $470 269 17 44.98% 403.5
60 Prairie View A&M $470 97 9 36.08% 140.5
61 Manhattan Jaspers $460 270 17 41.11% 76.5
62 Hofstra Pride $440 256 16 40.23% 4.5
63 East Tennessee State Buccaneers $420 193 13 45.08% 125
64 Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks $420 236 15 30.08% 193
65 Lipscomb Bison $410 108 9 37.04% 84.5
66 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs $380 244 15 45.9% 80
67 Georgia Southern Eagles $370 248 15 38.71% 248
68 No.Carolina A&T $340 59 6 35.59% 90.5
69 Murray State Racers $340 252 15 46.43% 228.5
70 Fairleigh Dickinson-Metropolitan Knights $320 83 7 36.14% 197
71 Seattle University Red Hawks $310 129 9 37.21% 107
72 Iowa Hawkeyes $280 268 15 45.9% 129
73 Florida A&M $270 93 7 33.33% 64
74 Sam Houston State Bearkats $270 95 7 41.05% 34.5
75 Texas Rio Grande Vaqueros $250 80 6 32.5% 92
76 North Alabama $240 57 5 28.07% 25.5
77 Winthrop Eagles $230 102 7 38.24% -52.5
78 Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans $230 251 14 39.04% 9.5
79 San Francisco Dons $210 258 14 39.92% 143
80 Campbell Fighting Camels $200 86 6 37.21% -18.5
81 California State-Bakersfield Roadrunners $180 70 5 31.43% 48.5
82 Stetson Hatters $170 93 6 23.66% -21.5
83 Michigan Wolverines $160 287 15 48.78% 318.5
84 Utah Valley Wolverines $40 100 5 35% 22
85 Arizona Wildcats $30 294 14 50.34% 246
86 Indiana Hoosiers $10 276 13 45.65% 213.5
87 Dayton Flyers $0 277 13 47.29% 212.5
88 Valparaiso Crusaders $-40 267 12 44.94% 34.5
89 Central Florida Knights $-40 244 11 38.93% -70
90 Northern Kentucky Norse $-80 164 7 42.68% 139
91 Delaware Blue Hens $-80 254 11 37.01% -55.5
92 Jackson State Tigers $-100 86 3 26.74% -17
93 Montana Grizzlies $-100 263 11 44.11% 185.5
94 Long Island Brooklyn Blackbirds $-110 107 4 40.19% 104
95 Tennessee Volunteers $-110 282 12 42.2% 305
96 Bowling Green State Falcons $-120 261 11 38.7% -14
97 South Carolina-Upstate Spartans $-150 94 3 28.72% -66
98 Harvard Crimson $-170 227 9 42.73% 112
99 Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns $-170 247 10 43.72% 14.5
100 Stony Brook Seawolves $-200 108 3 40.74% -21.5
101 New Hampshire Wildcats $-260 75 1 24% -67.5
102 Hampton University Pirates $-260 96 2 39.58% 175.5
103 Kansas State Wildcats $-280 270 10 42.59% 131
104 Duke Blue Devils $-280 292 11 50.68% 87
105 American Eagles $-290 102 2 39.22% 83.5
106 Princeton Tigers $-310 212 7 43.87% 43
107 Abilene Christian Wildcats $-310 62 0 40.32% 41
108 Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos $-320 150 4 34.67% -5.5
109 Evansville Aces $-320 259 9 34.75% 50
110 Portland State Vikings $-360 246 8 36.59% -1
111 Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders $-400 276 9 42.75% 288
112 New Mexico Lobos $-400 274 9 45.99% -17
113 Florida State Seminoles $-400 276 9 46.38% 143.5
114 Coppin State Eagles $-410 105 1 21.9% -43
115 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers $-420 277 9 41.52% -7.5
116 South Carolina State Bulldogs $-430 88 0 20.45% 8
117 New Orleans Privateers $-440 69 -1 31.88% -18.5
118 Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils $-450 92 0 14.13% -111
119 Maryland-Baltimore County Retrievers $-450 92 0 35.87% -3.5
120 Samford Bulldogs $-460 244 7 31.15% 107
121 Oklahoma Sooners $-470 269 8 42.01% 178
122 Loyola-Chicago Ramblers $-470 265 8 38.49% 123.5
123 Radford Highlanders $-480 98 0 39.8% 78
124 Maine Black Bears $-500 80 -1 13.75% -41
125 Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles $-510 253 7 35.18% 92.5
126 Southern Methodist Mustangs $-520 260 7 43.08% 13.5
127 Eastern Washington Eagles $-530 258 7 40.31% 142.5
128 Baylor Bears $-540 261 7 45.59% 216.5
129 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles $-550 112 0 38.39% 60.5
130 Illinois-Chicago Flames $-580 267 7 31.84% -96.5
131 Towson Tigers $-580 246 6 36.59% 38
132 Albany Great Danes $-580 97 -1 31.96% 67
133 Saint Francis-New York Terriers $-590 55 -3 32.73% -93.5
134 Nicholls State Colonels $-590 77 -2 31.17% -99.5
135 Grambling State Tigers $-590 58 -3 32.76% 36
136 Memphis Tigers $-600 274 7 44.53% 135
137 North Carolina-Asheville Bulldogs $-610 101 -1 28.71% -69
138 Butler Bulldogs $-620 278 7 46.04% 55.5
139 Canisius Golden Griffins $-640 263 6 38.4% -108
140 Longwood Lancers $-640 87 -2 31.03% 85.5
141 Air Force Falcons $-650 240 5 30.83% -98
142 Virginia Tech Hokies $-650 260 6 36.92% 101
143 Akron Zips $-660 262 6 42.37% 86.5
144 Hawaii Rainbow Warriors $-680 247 5 42.11% 49
145 McNeese State Cowboys $-690 76 -3 30.26% -49
146 South Alabama Jaguars $-710 253 5 36.36% -91
147 Incarnate Word Cardinals $-710 58 -4 17.24% -50.5
148 Eastern Michigan Eagles $-720 251 5 39.44% 115.5
149 Mississippi State Bulldogs $-730 257 5 36.96% -66.5
150 Charleston Southern Buccaneers $-750 89 -3 32.58% 48.5
151 Mercer Bears $-750 195 2 36.92% -94.5
152 Mount Saint Marys Mountaineers $-770 70 -4 37.14% 9
153 Wyoming Cowboys $-770 265 5 35.85% -55.5
154 Auburn Tigers $-780 265 5 40% 4.5
155 Lafayette College Leopards $-790 98 -3 33.67% -151.5
156 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers $-790 139 -1 40.29% -25
157 Pennsylvania Quakers $-800 227 3 37% -27
158 Alabama A&M $-840 86 -4 19.77% -113
159 Saint Marys College-California Gaels $-850 237 3 47.68% 17
160 Jacksonville State Gamecocks $-860 239 3 31.8% 28
161 Belmont Bruins $-880 243 3 46.09% 95
162 Central Arkansas Bears $-890 74 -5 24.32% -103
163 New Jersey Tech Highlanders $-900 77 -5 28.57% 4.5
164 Saint Louis Billikens $-910 269 4 40.52% -86.5
165 Binghamton Bearcats $-910 81 -5 22.22% -17.5
166 Bethune Cookman Wildcats $-920 81 -5 33.33% -23
167 Clemson Tigers $-940 256 3 39.84% 34
168 Houston Baptist Huskies $-950 86 -5 18.6% -22
169 Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks $-960 216 1 35.65% 59.5
170 Presbyterian Blue Hose $-960 88 -5 25% -54.5
171 Pepperdine Waves $-970 263 3 31.18% -30
172 Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks $-990 95 -5 14.74% -185.5
173 Oregon State Beavers $-990 267 3 36.7% -52.5
174 Bucknell Bison $-1020 121 -4 39.67% 107.5
175 Texas-El Paso Miners $-1030 252 2 37.7% -71
176 North Texas Mean Green Eagles $-1040 236 1 33.05% -187.5
177 Lamar Cardinals $-1050 85 -6 35.29% 21.5
178 Navy Midshipmen $-1050 107 -5 30.84% -20.5
179 Pacific Tigers $-1060 260 2 32.69% -109
180 California-Davis Aggies $-1060 259 2 35.91% 22
181 Xavier Musketeers $-1090 287 3 45.99% 57.5
182 Utah State Aggies $-1090 264 2 43.94% 151
183 Lehigh Mountain Hawks $-1100 116 -5 37.93% 55
184 Missouri Tigers $-1100 273 2 36.26% 31.5
185 Northern Colorado Bears $-1120 250 1 36.4% -134.5
186 Temple Owls $-1130 275 2 41.82% -66
187 Savannah State Tigers $-1140 63 -8 25.4% -219.5
188 Saint Peters Peacocks $-1150 213 -1 34.27% -45
189 Sacred Heart Pioneers $-1160 86 -7 33.72% -144
190 Toledo Rockets $-1180 260 1 42.69% 168
191 Wisconsin Badgers $-1190 286 2 46.85% 53.5
192 Grand Canyon Antelope $-1190 93 -7 34.41% 8
193 Loyola-Marymount Lions $-1210 140 -5 37.14% -100.5
194 Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions $-1230 99 -7 21.21% -1.5
195 Virginia Commonwealth Rams $-1250 278 1 46.04% 111.5
196 West Virginia Mountaineers $-1260 280 1 43.21% 38
197 Brown Bears $-1260 197 -3 30.46% 69
198 San Diego Toreros $-1260 258 0 31.78% 104.5
199 Texas A&M CC $-1260 85 -8 24.71% 21
200 Drake Bulldogs $-1270 264 0 36.36% 79.5
201 Penn State Nittany Lions $-1300 268 0 35.45% 38.5
202 Northern Iowa Panthers $-1310 271 0 45.02% -32.5
203 Massachusetts-Lowell River Hawks $-1310 75 -9 33.33% -29.5
204 Wright State Raiders $-1320 269 0 42.75% 108
205 Georgia State Panthers $-1320 266 0 45.11% 130
206 Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles $-1330 232 -2 32.76% -228.5
207 Massachusetts Minutemen $-1340 273 0 37.36% -130.5
208 Morgan State Bears $-1340 100 -8 29% -57
209 Quinnipiac Bobcats $-1350 193 -4 36.79% -61
210 Texas A&M $-1360 255 -1 38.82% -103.5
211 Western Michigan Broncos $-1380 262 -1 35.11% -9
212 Stephen F. Austin State Lumberjacks $-1380 89 -9 39.33% -85
213 Saint Johns Red Storm $-1380 241 -2 34.02% -53.5
214 Colorado Buffaloes $-1390 283 0 43.82% 72
215 Tennessee-Chattanooga Moccasins $-1410 246 -2 34.96% -180.5
216 North Carolina-Charlotte 49ers $-1420 251 -2 33.07% -259.5
217 Idaho Vandals $-1450 231 -3 33.77% -7
218 Western Carolina Catamounts $-1460 256 -2 30.47% -207
219 Alabama State Hornets $-1480 89 -10 19.1% -126.5
220 California-Riverside Highlanders $-1480 243 -3 26.75% -88.5
221 Idaho State Bengals $-1480 240 -3 25% -65.5
222 Oakland Golden Grizzlies $-1480 262 -2 35.88% -183
223 Chicago State Cougars $-1490 91 -10 6.59% -218
224 Loyola-Maryland Greyhounds $-1500 268 -2 28.73% -83.5
225 Jacksonville Dolphins $-1500 92 -10 27.17% 51.5
226 Boston University Terriers $-1510 115 -9 38.26% -63
227 Kentucky Wildcats $-1530 292 -1 47.6% 91.5
228 Miami-Florida Hurricanes $-1530 270 -2 42.96% 123
229 Siena College Saints $-1530 252 -3 35.71% -32.5
230 Stanford Cardinal $-1540 274 -2 41.97% -49
231 Vanderbilt Commodores $-1560 274 -2 36.13% 114.5
232 Holy Cross Crusaders $-1560 104 -10 27.88% -35.5
233 Rutgers Scarlet Knights $-1570 255 -3 29.41% -242.5
234 East Carolina Pirates $-1580 238 -4 29.83% -41
235 Eastern Kentucky Colonels $-1580 238 -4 34.03% -84.5
236 Delaware State Hornets $-1590 88 -11 17.05% -115.5
237 Louisiana State Tigers $-1600 266 -3 40.23% -100.5
238 Monmouth-New Jersey Hawks $-1600 220 -5 38.64% -59
239 Austin Peay State Governors $-1620 246 -4 32.93% -116
240 Boise State Broncos $-1630 265 -3 40.38% 92.5
241 Citadel Bulldogs $-1630 226 -5 19.47% -217
242 North Dakota Fighting Hawks $-1650 230 -5 33.91% -121
243 Kent State Golden Flashes $-1690 261 -4 40.61% -28
244 Liberty University Flames $-1690 107 -11 39.25% -30
245 Bryant University Bulldogs $-1700 88 -12 26.14% -128.5
246 Miami-Ohio Redhawks $-1700 263 -4 30.42% -53.5
247 Southern Illinois Salukis $-1710 266 -4 37.22% -153.5
248 Appalachian State Mountaineers $-1720 245 -5 29.39% -109.5
249 Marshall Thundering Herd $-1730 268 -4 37.31% -224.5
250 Rhode Island Rams $-1730 269 -4 38.66% 60
251 Nebraska Cornhuskers $-1740 268 -4 35.07% 23
252 Alabama Crimson Tide $-1750 273 -4 37% 21.5
253 Marquette Golden Eagles $-1770 274 -4 41.97% -16
254 Denver Pioneers $-1780 253 -5 37.15% -103
255 Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners $-1790 214 -7 33.18% 70.5
256 Alcorn State Braves $-1800 87 -13 20.69% -164.5
257 High Point Panthers $-1820 91 -13 29.67% -136
258 Texas Southern Tigers $-1840 119 -12 30.25% -33
259 Central Michigan Chippewas $-1840 254 -6 34.65% -50
260 Arkansas Razorbacks $-1860 269 -5 43.49% -104
261 Rider Broncs $-1870 254 -6 38.58% -27.5
262 Syracuse Orange $-1880 274 -5 45.26% -139.5
263 Brigham Young Cougars $-1880 278 -5 46.04% 118
264 Oklahoma State Cowboys $-1940 268 -6 39.18% 93.5
265 North Carolina-Greensboro Spartans $-1950 249 -7 37.75% 130
266 Texas Longhorns $-1970 273 -6 36.26% -9.5
267 Cleveland State Vikings $-2030 267 -7 33.71% -109
268 Ohio State Buckeyes $-2030 283 -6 45.94% 20.5
269 Niagara Purple Eagles $-2040 265 -7 30.94% -131
270 Marist Red Foxes $-2050 245 -8 27.35% -19
271 South Carolina Gamecocks $-2060 272 -7 38.6% -93.5
272 Central Connecticut State Blue Devils $-2070 79 -16 15.19% -148.5
273 California State-Sacramento Hornets $-2100 239 -9 31.38% -83.5
274 Texas State Bobcats $-2110 217 -10 35.94% -44.5
275 Missouri State Bears $-2120 237 -9 32.07% -167
276 Southern California Trojans $-2150 288 -7 37.85% -174.5
277 Northwestern Wildcats $-2160 270 -8 35.56% -62
278 California State-Long Beach 49ers $-2170 274 -8 34.67% -16
279 California State-Northridge Matadors $-2190 254 -9 25.98% -247.5
280 Duquesne Dukes $-2210 240 -10 32.08% -133.5
281 Columbia Lions $-2240 199 -12 27.64% -79.5
282 Notre Dame Fighting Irish $-2250 267 -9 40.07% -117.5
283 Wagner Seahawks $-2250 94 -17 35.11% -144.5
284 UCLA Bruins $-2290 292 -8 44.86% 9
285 Connecticut Huskies $-2290 273 -9 38.83% -94.5
286 Troy Trojans $-2360 245 -11 29.8% -47.5
287 Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers $-2360 270 -10 33.33% -188
288 Cornell Big Red $-2360 207 -13 26.57% -150
289 Morehead State Eagles $-2370 253 -11 30.83% -171.5
290 Cincinnati Bearcats $-2390 272 -10 45.22% 84.5
291 Ohio Bobcats $-2400 252 -11 40.87% -110
292 Washington Huskies $-2400 275 -10 38.91% -70
293 UNLV Rebels $-2450 289 -10 39.1% -154.5
294 Richmond Spiders $-2470 269 -11 40.15% 18
295 Northeastern Huskies $-2470 267 -11 41.95% 15
296 Dartmouth College Big Green $-2480 192 -15 24.48% -12
297 Howard Bison $-2500 103 -19 21.36% -141
298 Florida Gators $-2510 281 -11 41.64% 193
299 Boston College Eagles $-2520 257 -12 26.85% -112.5
300 Portland Pilots $-2530 262 -12 26.34% -235
301 Colorado State Rams $-2530 262 -12 37.4% 142.5
302 Southeast Missouri State Redhawks $-2540 240 -13 27.08% 44
303 Youngstown State Penguins $-2580 250 -13 28.4% -153
304 Southern Illinois-Edwardsville Cougars $-2620 231 -14 23.38% -83
305 Minnesota Golden Gophers $-2620 278 -12 38.49% -295.5
306 Fairfield Stags $-2650 260 -13 33.85% -199.5
307 Georgetown Hoyas $-2670 265 -13 38.11% 14
308 Indiana State Sycamores $-2670 267 -13 37.83% -159.5
309 North Carolina-Wilmington Seahawks $-2690 253 -14 32.02% -162
310 Arkansas State Red Wolves $-2700 249 -14 34.54% -193
311 Virginia Military Keydets $-2750 177 -18 21.47% -339
312 Southern Utah Thunderbirds $-2820 255 -15 24.71% -195
313 Illinois State Redbirds $-2820 274 -14 40.15% 54
314 Arizona State Sun Devils $-2900 278 -15 39.93% -28
315 Old Dominion Monarchs $-2910 271 -15 39.85% -11.5
316 Weber State Wildcats $-2920 252 -16 40.48% -69
317 Elon Phoenix $-2920 252 -16 34.52% -134
318 Drexel Dragons $-2970 265 -16 32.83% -120.5
319 Wake Forest Demon Deacons $-2980 265 -16 30.19% -100.5
320 Rice University Owls $-3050 238 -18 25.21% -38
321 Fordham Rams $-3090 248 -18 25.4% -177.5
322 South Florida Bulls $-3100 267 -17 27.72% -131
323 DePaul Blue Demons $-3100 271 -17 28.78% -167.5
324 Iona Gaels $-3130 274 -17 41.97% 116
325 North Dakota State Bison $-3140 254 -18 42.52% -7.5
326 Alabama-Birmingham Blazers $-3170 261 -18 38.7% -117.5
327 Western Illinois Leathernecks $-3180 220 -20 27.73% -167
328 Washington State Cougars $-3190 265 -18 31.7% -191
329 Montana State Bobcats $-3210 251 -19 30.68% -213.5
330 Bradley Braves $-3220 274 -18 31.02% -266.5
331 Northern Arizona Lumberjacks $-3260 258 -19 26.36% -372
332 Texas Tech Red Raiders $-3270 258 -19 33.33% -57
333 Kennesaw State Owls $-3280 91 -27 8.79% -186
334 Santa Clara Broncos $-3390 263 -20 31.94% -207.5
335 Oral Roberts Golden Eagles $-3550 209 -24 29.67% -180
336 La Salle Explorers $-3570 260 -22 35.38% -194
337 James Madison Dukes $-3580 260 -22 33.85% -144.5
338 Eastern Illinois Panthers $-3630 246 -23 33.33% -214
339 Texas Christian Horned Frogs $-3690 261 -23 31.8% -44.5
340 Detroit-Mercy Titans $-3700 266 -23 27.07% -221.5
341 George Mason Patriots $-3850 272 -24 35.29% -55.5
342 Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks $-3870 229 -26 29.26% -239
343 Tulane Green Wave $-3900 242 -26 27.69% -223
344 California Golden Bears $-4020 283 -25 36.4% -326
345 Illinois Fighting Illini $-4030 274 -26 35.04% -193
346 Ball State Cardinals $-4170 249 -28 32.13% -143.5
347 California State-Fullerton Titans $-4170 252 -28 32.14% -66.5
348 Florida Atlantic Owls $-4350 244 -30 27.87% -151
349 San Jose State Spartans $-4370 252 -30 16.67% -384
350 College of Charleston Cougars $-4790 266 -33 37.97% -194.5
351 George Washington Colonials $-5090 267 -36 34.46% -79.5
352 Indiana-Purdue Jaguars $-5140 254 -37 25.59% -339
353 Pittsburgh Panthers $-5190 272 -37 31.25% -289.5
354 Cal Poly-Slo Mustangs $-6250 249 -48 26.1% -338
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Clemson vs Wake Forest Football Game Highlights 9 12 2020 Clemson Tigers vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons  2020 ... Clemson at Wake Forest - Saturday 9/12/20 - College ... Clemson vs Wake Forest 11/16/19 Free CFB Pick and Prediction Week 12 College Football Tips Wake Forest vs Clemson 2020

The betting line for Clemson at Wake Forest and all ACC games to open 2020, including odds for Syracuse-North Carolina, Georgia Tech-Florida State, Duke-Notre Dame. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons (7-2, 3-2 ACC) and Clemson Tigers (10-0, 7-0) lock horns at Clemson Memorial Stadium in South Carolina at 3:30 p.m. ET Saturday.The Tigers look to avoid a hiccup against the Deacs as they hurtle toward another appearance in the College Football Playoff. We analyze the Wake Forest-Clemson odds and betting lines, while providing college football betting tips and ... Clemson Tigers at Wake Forest Demon Deacons 9/12/20: College Football free preview, analysis, prediction, odds and pick against the spread. Clemson at Wake Forest: Odds, betting lines and picks Prediction. Clemson 45, Wake Forest 17. Moneyline (ML) Clemson (-10000) is an overwhelming favorite, but even if you tossed the Tigers into a 10-game parlay, it’s not worth it. Straight up, a $10 bet on Clemson would net a profit of a $0.10. Wake Forest is 3-1-1 ATS in their last five games in September, but they are 2-6 ATS in the last eight games as home underdogs. Clemson is 2-1 ATS in their last three season openers, including last year’s 36.5-point cover over Georgia Tech. With Newman and Surratt not playing for Wake Forest, they just lack any sort of firepower.

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Clemson vs Wake Forest Football Game Highlights 9 12 2020

Clemson Tigers at Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Saturday 9/12/20 - College Football Picks & Betting Predictions College Football for the 2020 Season is here an... Clemson vs Wake Forest Football Game Highlights 9 12 2020 I do not intend to claim the copyright of any game video uploaded. I apologize for any violation of... On October 31, 1981, an unsuspecting Wake Forest football team took the field against the eventual National Champion Clemson Tigers. What followed that day w... The top ranked Clemson Tigers defeated Wake Forest on the road 37-13. Comment suggestions for future videos and enjoy! If you liked the video please subscrib... The Clemson Tigers and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons face off on Saturday in ACC College Football action. Get Mitch's college football Betting Tips and Betting Picks for this game.